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  • Late Night Eating A

    Ask a Scientist: Will Eating Too Late at Night Make Me Gain Weight?

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  • Ask Scientist Red Wine

    Ask a Scientist: Does Red Wine Make You Sleepier Than White Wine?

    Nodding off after one glass of merlot? We asked the experts if there's any science to why that is.
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  • Ask Scientist Public Bathrooms A

    Ask a Scientist: Can I Get a Disease From Sitting on a Public Toilet?

    People often worry that if you sit on a public toilet you can get sick. But is that really the case? We asked a germ expert to weigh in.
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  • Ask Scientist Eye Lashes A

    Ask a Scientist: Should I Be Concerned About How Much Hair I Lose in the Shower?

    Finding clumps of hair clogging up the drain? Find out if what you're losing is normal.
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  • Ask Scientist Eye Lashes A

    Ask a Scientist: Do Eyelashes Go Gray?

    A dermatologist explains what happens to your lashes as you age.
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  • Ask Scientist Undies A

    Ask a Scientist: Do I Have to Wash New Underwear Before I Wear It?

    There's reason to be concerned about the germs and chemicals lurking in a new pair of underpants.
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  • Aska Slept Tired A

    Ask a Scientist: I Got Extra Sleep Last Night. Why Am I So Tired?

    Getting more sleep doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get better sleep, or wake up feeling more energized.
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  • Aska Honey Vs Sugar Lar

    Ask a Scientist: Is Honey Healthier Than Sugar?

    If you have a choice between sweetening with sugar or sweetening with honey, the options aren't exactly equal.
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  • Ask Scientist Epxired Sunscreen

    Ask a Scientist: Is Expired Sunscreen Better Than No Sunscreen at All?

    If you have an old bottle of sunscreen, do you have to throw it out or can you use it from year to year? We asked a scientist.
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  • Ask Scientist Runners A

    Ask a Scientist: Why Do Runners Sometimes Poop Their Pants?

    Runners' trots can lead to undesired pit stops during races—or uncontrollable urges. Find out the mechanisms and how to avoid it.
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  • Aksa Old Couch A

    Ask a Scientist: What Causes Old-People Smell?

    Think your grandparents smell bad? It's because they do. And here's why.
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