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  • Omega3s And 6s A

    The Important Difference Between Omega-3s, Omega-6s and Omega-9s—And Why You Should Care

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  • Green Smoothies Ch

    5 Green Smoothie Recipes for Glowing Skin

    Give you health and beauty an extra boost of important vitamins and nutrients with these new, creative takes on green smoothies.
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  • Look Good Photos Ch

    How to Look Cool in Hot Weather Photos

    Famous faces give their tips for getting rid of a shiny t-zone in photos, even when it's hot out.
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  • Global Beauty Mexico A

    Beyond Chia: 6 Superfoods From South America

    The antioxidant-rich, plant-based New World diet is rich in superfoods and holds the key to optimal health and glowing skin.
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  • Caudalie Beauty File

    Beauty File: Get the Body of Your Dreams With Caudalie’s New Kit

    With three simple steps, this transformative kit preps and treats your skin to reveal your smoothest, slimmest body.
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  • Bun Tutorial Lar

    Topknot 2.0: A Cotton Candy Bun Tutorial

    Try this gorgeous airy twist on a classic, chic topknot.
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  • French Headshots

    What the French Know About Skincare That Americans Don't

    French women are known for having gorgeous, ageless skin, no fillers or injectables involved. We found out their secrets.
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  • Non Meat Protein

    20 Surprisingly Good Sources of Vegetarian Protein

    New research says that your body requires protein at every meal. Here are 22 ways to get protein, not from meat or tofu.
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  • Chili Peppers Still

    The Key to Jumpstarting Your Metabolism Is at the Farmers Market Right Now

    Adding some spice to your life can help you lose weight, ease aches and pains and even heat up your love life. Now that’s hot!
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  • Perricone

    Beauty File: A New Serum-Based Makeup Line for Ridiculously Glowing Skin

    The dermatologist known for his potent anti-aging skincare line and salmon-based antioxidant diet brings the concept of healthy, glowing skin to makeup.
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  • Pinup Hair Ch

    Pinup Beauty: Sexy Vintage Looks to Try at Home

    It's easier than you think to create a sexy pinup look.
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