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  • Omega3s And 6s A

    The Important Difference Between Omega-3s, Omega-6s and Omega-9s—And Why You Should Care

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  • Green Smoothies Ch

    5 Green Smoothie Recipes for Glowing Skin

    Give you health and beauty an extra boost of important vitamins and nutrients with these new, creative takes on green smoothies.
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  • Non Meat Protein

    20 Surprisingly Good Sources of Vegetarian Protein

    New research says that your body requires protein at every meal. Here are 22 ways to get protein, not from meat or tofu.
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  • Chili Peppers Still

    The Key to Jumpstarting Your Metabolism Is at the Farmers Market Right Now

    Adding some spice to your life can help you lose weight, ease aches and pains and even heat up your love life. Now that’s hot!
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  • Mangosteen

    Meet Your New Favorite Superfruit

    The elusive mangosteen is tough to find at the market, but easy to love in anti-aging skincare.
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  • Salmon Salsa

    Roasted Salmon and Salsa Recipe for Healthier Hair and Supple Skin

    The healthy fats—think omega 3s—found in this delicious recipe help strengthen your locks and banish dry skin.
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  • Fix Skin Issues Ch

    Fix 9 Common Skin Issues: Eat This, Apply That

    Whatever your particular skin concerns may be, a combination of eating the right superfoods and using the right products will help you get your ideal complexion.
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  • Health Benefits Eggs

    5 New Reasons to Eat Eggs

    Forget what you know about eggs and cholesterol. Eggs have great health benefits and can help you snack less.
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  • Healthy Shiny Hair A

    Your Grocery List for Shiny Hair

    Want healthier, shinier hair? Fill up your grocery cart with these nutrient-rich goodies that'll strengthen your strands.
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  • Ramps Pesto A

    Ramps and Spinach Pesto Recipe

    Load up on vitamins and antioxidants with this unique pesto recipe that incorporates in-season ramps, plus spinach, parsley and basil.
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  • Nuts A

    The Snack That Could Save Your Life

    You'll find them at the bar, at the ball game or on your counter. Find out why these tasty snacks are so great for your health.
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