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  • Butt Abs Thighs Workout Ch

    3-In-1 Workout: Tone and Tighten Your Thighs, Butt and Abs

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  • Concentration Curl Ch

    The Single Best Exercise for Toned Biceps, Says Science

    According to science, this is the best arm exercise you can do for toning your biceps.
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  • Squat Challenge Ch

    Squat Challenge: 5 Killer Moves for Toned Thighs

    Ditch your basic squats for these amped up moves that’ll really get you feeling the burn and seeing results.
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  • Tanning Addiction

    Ask a Scientist: Can You Really Get Addicted to Tanning?

    Some studies show tanning addiction has properties similar to nicotine and heroin addiction.
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  • Benefits Standing

    The Secret to Living Longer (You’ll Want to Read This Standing Up)

    Research shows that simply standing more often carries life-saving benefits for sedentary folks.
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  • Street Harassment

    The 7 Stages of Street Harassment

    Blogger Rachel Renock shares the 7 stages of thought a woman goes through when she's the victim of street harassment.
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  • Backhanded Compliments A

    How to Recognize a Backhanded Compliment

    When your friends, family or co-workers make comments about your appearance, it can be constructive criticism or just downright cruel. Here's how to tell the difference.
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  • Hip Moves Lar

    5 Stretches That Loosen Tight Hips

    Loosen up your hip flexors and relieve tightness and pain with these five expert-approved moves.
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  • Nude Travel A

    People Are Getting Naked on Vacation. Here’s Why You Should, Too

    Nude travel is a growing industry. Here's how taking a naked vacation, bath houses, topless beaches and nudist resorts can help your body confidence—and give you a great story to tell.
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  • Cuticle Fix Ch

    The Great Cuticle Debate: Is It Better to Trim or Push?

    To trim or not to trim… that is the question. The answer is (excuse the pun) pretty cut and dry.
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  • First Marathon A

    Want to Run a Marathon? 7 Expert Tips to Get You Started

    Prepare yourself for going the distance with this valuable training advice.
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