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  • Backhanded Compliments A

    How to Recognize a Backhanded Compliment

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  • Walking On Eggshells

    Why Walking on Eggshells Is Ruining Your Relationship

    Walking on eggshells can not only hurt your personal and work relationships, it can damage your self-esteem and sense of self.
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  • Gel Manicure Designs

    3 Nail Art Designs That Last a Whole Month

    Go an entire month in between manicures with these gel nail designs that look great as they grow out.
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  • Dress To Impress

    The World's Best Excuse to Go Shopping

    Rather than dressing to impress someone else, you should wear clothes that make you feel good about you.
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  • Diy Nail Art Ch

    Easy Nail Designs You Can DIY

    Want to try your hand at DIY nail art, but unsure of what designs you can tackle? Nail artist Miss Pop shows how to create three easy designs, no matter your skill level.
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  • Perfectpatty Lar

    Are You a Marcia or a Jan?

    Have you felt since childhood that you could never measure up? It's time to shake off those unrealistic standards of perfection and explore your fullest potential.
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  • Player A

    Top 10 Signs He’s a Player

    Wondering whether he's a keeper or a playboy? Look for these signs and learn to protect yourself.
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  • Superpowers A

    8 Superpowers You Didn't Know You Had

    Use these eight powerful actions you are capable of to take control of your life and happiness.
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  • Warm Socks Shoes Ch

    6 Cute Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

    These socks, shoe inserts and cozy boots will keep your feet warm and dry during the cold, snowy winter.
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  • Diy Beautyts Ch

    DIY Holiday Beauty Gifts

    Think outside the box this holiday season and make your own beauty product gifts.
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  • Buddy Bench A

    What to Do When You’re Sad: Lessons From a Second Grader

    A child came up with the idea of a buddy bench to help classmates when they are sad. Adults should do the same thing to support each other (metaphorically).
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