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    Motivation affects enjoyment.

    Motivation affects your enjoyment on fun activities like chess, gardening, and running, according to a study by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Intrinsic motivation helps you find flow and happiness.
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    Neuroticism blocks flow.

    Personality, especially for neurotic people, blocks flow, according to a study by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Fun activities seem less enjoyable. Lower stress and relax to find your flow.
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    Meet the Mind: The Man Who Discovered Flow

    Csikszentmihalyi popularized the study of flow and figured out much of what makes such a mindset possible. has found that they must be challenging
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  • 648 Music Flow

    Say Goodbye to Boredom

    Great musicians, artists and athletes experience flow, and you can too. Learn how to get absorbed in an activity and increase your happiness.
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  • 648 Better Sex

    The Secret to Better Sex (It's Surprising!)

    Women who are able to be in the moment during sex report higher levels of arousal and sexual satisfaction. Here's how.
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  • 648 Exercise Flow

    Fall in Love With Fitness

    Getting in the zone during exercise is psychological flow. Learn how to find it.
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  • 648 Fitness Flow

    The Best Exercises for Finding Flow

    Learn what exercises can bring you flow, from running, walking and swimming to yoga and biking.
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  • 648 Find Flow

    How to Find Your Flow

    To find your flow activity, build your skills, challenge yourself and put away the distracitons.
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  • 648 Yoga Poses

    Yoga Poses Boost Mood

    See yoga poses that are proved to decrease stress, boost your mood and tone your body.
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