The Latest in cheeks

  • Best Primers Ch

    Makeup Primer 101

    Primers are airy bases that prep your skin with a smooth surface for seamless makeup application. Try out face primers, lash primers and lip primers!
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  • Blush Runway Makeup Ch

    Fake a Full Night's Sleep With Blush

    Blush can help you look like you had a full night of sleep. Learn about stains, powders and cream blushes.
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  • 648 Nude Makeup

    The New Nudes

    Bright, neutral makeup products to make you look younger and refreshed.
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  • 648 Look Of Love

    The Look of Love

    How does love make you look more beautiful? It's in flushed cheeks, twinkling eyes, glowing skin, and other beautiful effects.
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  • 648 Blush Formulas

    Blush Formulas 101

    Get makeup tips for shopping for cream blush, powder blush and cheek stains.
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  • 648 Blush Tips

    Blush Tips

    A few swipes of blush will brighten up your face in a flash. Get pro makeup tips for powder blush, cream blush and cheek stains.
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  • 648 All About Cheeks

    All About Cheeks

    Blushed, flushed cheeks are a sign of youth and vitality. Find out why.
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