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  • Nude Travel A

    People Are Getting Naked on Vacation. Here’s Why You Should, Too

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  • Malory Band

    She Kept Eating Until She Hated Herself. This Made Her Stop.

    The Malory Band helped this woman lose 60 pounds with zero dieting.
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  • Cameron Diaz Book

    5 Tips From Cameron Diaz That Will Change How You Think About Your Body

    The star gives her top tips for staying healthy, happy, confident and true to yourself.
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  • Not Fat Pregnant 640x427 Channel Image

    You’re Not Fat, You’re Pregnant (And Other Body Tales)

    The most important times of your life, like puberty, college and pregnancy can change your body and body image and how to love your body regardless of its shape.
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  • 648 Kick Up Workout

    Kick Your Workout Routine Up a Notch

    Tips to enhance your exercise routine to build more muscle if you hit a fitness plateau.
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  • Self Esteem 648

    Boosting Your Self-Esteem

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen give tips on boosting self-esteem and being happy with your self.
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