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  • Woman Running 5 Min 640

    How Much Do You Need to Run Daily to Extend Your Life? Not Much.

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  • Concentration Curl Ch

    The Single Best Exercise for Toned Biceps, Says Science

    According to science, this is the best arm exercise you can do for toning your biceps.
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  • Squat Challenge Ch

    Squat Challenge: 5 Killer Moves for Toned Thighs

    Ditch your basic squats for these amped up moves that’ll really get you feeling the burn and seeing results.
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  • Running Cavities A

    Your Workout Might Be Giving You Cavities

    Runners and triathletes beware: Your workout (especially a long, hot one) might increase your risk of cavities.
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  • First Marathon A

    Want to Run a Marathon? 7 Expert Tips to Get You Started

    Prepare yourself for going the distance with this valuable training advice.
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  • Pre Post Workout Lar

    Nutritionist-Approved Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

    Fuel up before and after your workout with these yummy snack suggestions that are loaded with the right amounts of carbohydrates and protein.
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  • Bettie Page Yoga Ch

    6 Photos That Make Us Believe Bettie Page Was a Secret Yogi

    Get in pinup-worthy shape with this Bettie Page-inspired yoga workout.
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  • Carbs Protein

    What You Eat Before and After Your Workout Matters—A Lot

    It actually matters—a lot. Learn how to fuel up properly before and after a sweat session to put yourself on the path to a more fit and healthy life.
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  • Barre

    Exercise to Make Your Clothes Fit Better

    Core barre classes offer strength training that is good for bones and disease prevention while making you leaner, longer and making your clothes fit better.
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  • Bra Bulge Workout Ch

    7 Exercises to Get Rid of Bra Bulge

    This seven-step workout circuit will help you melt away fat and tone this perpetually flabby spot.
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  • Athlete Sunscreen A

    Road-Tested Skincare Secrets of Extreme Athletes

    The pros share how they keep their skin healthy through long, grueling workouts.
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