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Clocking long hours at the gym while nibbling on the latest diet food just feels so...depressing. Whether it's a muffin top, love handles or a bit of flab...
french fries

After years of being under fire for their horrible dieting practices, love of fast-food chains and being the butt of everyone's "Fat American" jokes, U.S. citizens...
fat cat

We all know that Americans tend to be a little more on the heavier side compared to the rest of the world when it...
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UPDATE, 5/1/15 at 2:45pm: Selena Gomez allegedly responded to a body shamer who criticized her physique on her Instagram account recently, according to US Weekly reports.  She...

From low-tech to high-tech, 5 ways to get the lowdown on your body composition.

"I'm awesome! It doesn't bother me."

Putting ourselves down on social media isn't going to make us feel any better.

Mother of five wrote a beautiful essay about being happier while overweight.

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