The Latest in hair color

  • Highlights

    Here’s How to Get Beautiful, Natural-Looking Highlights

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  • Underlights

    Check Out This Summer's Must-Have Highlights

    The season's most flattering hair color trend is a little less ombre and a little more strategy.
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  • Hair Color Tech A

    New Ways to Color Your Hair at Home

    DIY hair color has never been easier with new launches that fake a salon-fresh look.
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  • Hair Color Tech Ga

    The Newest At-Home Hair Color Technology

    Maximize your time in between salon visits with these new intuitive and insanely easy at-home color options.
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  • Pastel Hair 2

    Pastel Hair Color: 8 Pro Tips for Achieving and Maintaining It

    Professional colorists share how to get the perfect pastel hair and how to maintain your color.
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  • Dark Eyebrows Light Hair A

    How to Own THE Look of the Season: Blonde Hair + Dark Brows

    Michelle Williams' Louis Vuitton hair plus dark eyebrows has everyone talking. Find out how to get the look for yourself, with tips from the best blonde colorist, Marie Robinson.
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  • Sombere A

    Hair Color Trend Alert! Ombré’s Chicer Cousin, The Sombré

    The latest hair color trend moves away from brash ombre to what's been coined as sombre—subtle ombre.
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  • Sofia Coppola Hair A

    How to Be a Perfect Brunette

    Our hair columnist breaks down what it means to have great brunette hair and her hair inspiration for the perfect shade.
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  • Street Brunettes Ch

    Street Style: Beautiful Bright Brunettes

    We spotted women with gorgeous brunette hair on the streets and found out who's responsible for their great color.
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  • Gray Hair A

    Guide To Your First Grays

    Hairstylists and experts give tips on how to cover up (or play up!) your first grays.
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  • Ask Scientist Color Shampoo A

    Ask a Scientist: Do I Need Special Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair?

    If you color your hair, you might need to buy a special shampoo.
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