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  • Skin Destiniy A

    Genes vs Routine: How Much of Your Skin Aging Can You Actually Control?

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  • Cyberchondriac A

    Addicted to WebMD? 15 Signs You're a Cyberchondriac

    Do you run to the Internet the instant you feel a little sick? Do you worry you have caught the latest outbreak in the headlines? You might be a cyberchondriac.
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  • Benefits Standing

    The Secret to Living Longer (You’ll Want to Read This Standing Up)

    Research shows that simply standing more often carries life-saving benefits for sedentary folks.
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  • Prevent Osteaoporosis A

    4 Easy Ways to Prevent Old-Lady-Hunchback

    Women are four times likelier than men to get osteoporosis. Here are four easy ways to keep your bones strong, starting today.
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  • Poisonous Foods A

    27 Foods Doctors Consider to Be Poison

    If the guys who have to take care of you when you go to the hospital won't put these things in their bodies, you shouldn't either.
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  • 10 Signs Youre Sleep Deprived A

    10 Surprising Signs You're Sleep-Deprived

    You may think you're doing just fine on too little sleep, but the signs you're struggling are subtler than you'd imagine.
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  • Gain Weight Traveling Ch

    9 Ways to Prevent Vacation Weight Gain

    Insider tips from a travel writer on losing weight while you’re on the road.
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  • You Docs Sugar Sleep A

    Staying Up Late + Having a Sweet Tooth = Serious Gut Problems

    Research shows that disrupting sleep patterns and overindulging in fat and sugar can seriously mess with your health.
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  • Bad Habits Ch

    8 Bad Habits You Didn't Think Were That Bad

    These not-so-healthy habits might seem small, but really can take a toll on your health.
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  • Coconut Oil A

    14 Ways Coconut Oil Will Make Your Life Better

    Are you tapping into the full potential of coconut oil?
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  • Barre

    Exercise to Make Your Clothes Fit Better

    Core barre classes offer strength training that is good for bones and disease prevention while making you leaner, longer and making your clothes fit better.
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