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  • 5 Signs Relationship Lar

    5 Signs Your Relationship Is Worth Saving

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  • Cancelling Wedding A

    5 Signs You Should Call Off the Wedding

    Just because you’ve put down the deposit and said yes to the dress doesn’t mean you should walk down that aisle. Here, when to say, 'I don’t.'
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  • Walking On Eggshells

    Why Walking on Eggshells Is Ruining Your Relationship

    Walking on eggshells can not only hurt your personal and work relationships, it can damage your self-esteem and sense of self.
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  • Wedding Gowns A

    When Did a White Wedding Gown Become a Symbol of Virginity?

    Over the years the white wedding gown has become perhaps the most recognized symbol of a bride’s purity, and yet that idea is far removed from its true origins.
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  • Kimye A

    Use Brain Science to Get What You Want in Life

    You really can manifest your dreams by exploiting the way your neural networks grow and strengthen.
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  • Emotional Cheating

    What Counts as Emotional Cheating?

    Where is the line between "just friends" and emotional infidelity? Our Relationship Expert explains how to tell what is OK and what is non-physical infidelity.
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  • Grey Divorce 1

    Why It's So Hard for Adults When Their Parents Divorce

    Grey divorce is a growing trend. Adults are seeing their parents split up and it can affect them even more than young kids.
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  • Conscious Coupling

    Conscious Coupling: 10 Lessons for Lasting Love

    Gwenyth Paltrow talked about her conscious uncoupling from Chris Martin. But the important part comes before you tie the knot.
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  • Mobile Lovers

    What to Do When His Phone Is the Other Woman

    Being constantly connected to the Internet is making it hard to be connected to each other. Here's how to cross the digital divide between you and your partner.
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  • Hangry

    How to Avoid a Nasty Fight: Eat Something

    Fighting with your spouse all the time? The secret to a happy marriage could be snacks.
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  • Keep Calm Argue On Fi

    Sorry, Ladies, It's Up to You to Keep Fights From Escalating

    Staying calm, cool and collected during a disagreement can keep your relationship happy and healthy. These four tips will help you keep it together.
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