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I remember growing up in the ballet studio: the ways we used to side-glance at each others’ bodies in the ceiling-to-floor mirrors that lined...

The first time 16-year-old Mackensie Freeman had the urge to pull out her own hair was in fifth grade. “I just used my fingers and...

"Take a deep breath in through your nose, and now out through your mouth" On the exhale, a tiny needle is placed in the top...

There's an app developer who thinks letting an anorexia sufferer die is a form of entertainment.

"I'm just innately kind of a sad person."

The social media site is launching new tools that may help people struggling with suicidal thoughts.

A high school student in recovery from anorexia shares what a day with the disease is like.

For those at risk for eating disorders, a diet can be a precursor to a big problem.

For someone with an eating disorder, being flexible means being out of control - kicking back isn't an option.

Stigma and access are two huge barriers.