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  • Fructose Study H Article

    The Link Between Fructose and Weight Gain

    Not all sugars are created equal. A new study shows a reduction in hypothalamic blood flow after glucose versus fructose consumption. How it affects weight gain.
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  • Weight Loss Tips H Article

    5 Easy Eating Changes to Lose Weight

    To lose weight, researcher Brian Wansink says we need to avoid what he calls the five “dietary dangers.” That includes meal stuffing (overeating), snack grazing, restaurant indulging, party binging and desktop eating.
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  • Sleep Ch

    The Key to Beauty Sleep? A Trim Physique

    Losing weight could help you sleep better, according to a new study.
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  • Girl Gamer Ch

    Get Your Game On

    Research shows that video games can have cognitive health benefits for women.
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  • Bacteria Petri Dish Ch

    A Virus That Kills Acne

    An acne-killing virus could be the most promising treatment against pimples. And the virus lives on your face!
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  • Venus De Milo 640x427 Channel Image

    Meet the Mind: The Seer of True Beauty

    Psychologist and YouBeauty Attraction Expert Viren Swami researches what makes people more attractive.
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  • 648 Berries

    Want a Beautiful Brain? Eat More of These!

    A 2012 study in the journal Annals of Neurology found that one way to have a more beautiful brain is to consume berries on a regular basis. This research found that women who consumed berries displayed less-rapid cognitive deterioration as they aged.
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  • 648 Popcorn

    The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Popcorn

    Popcorn has health benefits. A 2011 study found that soluble fiber (one type of fiber found in popcorn) helped to reduce belly fat. Fiber also helps in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
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  • Sitting Kills

    Sitting Too Long Could Kill You

    Sitting at work is a health risk that can lead to early death—even if you exercise. Tips to get moving at work.
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