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Life is not a linear process. There are ups and downs we all must endure that's a part of living. There may be times when...

I’m writing a piece about my experience with rosacea, I tell my fiancé over breakfast last week. “But you don’t have rosacea,” he says plainly,...

Made famous by her party girl persona and glitter-smeared makeup looked, Kesha surprised her fans when she announced she was heading to rehab in early...

In the brand's latest video, women must choose the "average" or "beautiful" door. What would you do?

"Write this down: You are beautiful, because you are imperfect."

The #SpeakBeautiful campaign encourages us to turn ugly, negative tweets into beautiful, positive ones.

When I visited a nude beach, I realized the only person making me uncomfortable was me.

The Christian Post definitely messed with the wrong gal.

My self-esteem has a rocky history.