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  • 50 Shades Grey Trailer 648

    Watch the 50 Shades of Grey Trailer (If You Dare)

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  • Myths About Hooking Up A

    5 Dating Truths That Prove You're Not Doomed to a Lifetime of Meaningless Hookups

    It may seem that commitment is elusive and casual sex is king, but don’t be fooled—most people want to be in a genuine relationship.
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  • Pajamas Ch

    Why Pajamas Are a Key to Health and Happiness

    Pajamas don't seem like a wardrobe staple, but feeling good about what you're wearing doesn't stop when the day is over.
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  • Conscious Coupling

    Conscious Coupling: 10 Lessons for Lasting Love

    Gwenyth Paltrow talked about her conscious uncoupling from Chris Martin. But the important part comes before you tie the knot.
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  • Ask Scientist Squirt A

    Ask a Scientist: Can All Women Squirt During Sex?

    Female ejaculation, or squirting, is a normal, if uncommon, sexual response with a curious cause.
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  • Masturbation

    Why Masturbation Is Good for You (And How to Do It Better)

    Reap the benefits of solo sex and throw the best party for one.
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  • Orgasm Sex Positions

    5 Best Sex Positions to Practically Guarantee an Orgasm

    These five expert-approved positions are primed to put you on the path to ecstasy. Try one tonight—and prepare to have your world rocked.
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  • Orgasm Style Ch

    What’s Your Orgasm Style?

    It's likely a combination of your physical anatomy, your psychological preferences and your chemistry with your partner. Make your favorite more pleasurable and discover new ones.
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  • Talk About Sex

    Why You Should Talk About Sex More Often

    In order to have the quality of sex you want and to be comfortable with what turns you on, make this private issue a public discussion.
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  • Ask Scientist Period A

    Ask a Scientist: Is Period Syncing for Real?

    People say that when you work or live with a lot of women you get on the same menstrual cycle. We get into the science of syncing.
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  • Dating Apps

    How to Find Love (Not Just Sex) on Dating Apps

    With so many dating apps available now, many are trading in their online dating profiles for the quick and convenient phone-based experience. Here's how you can actually find love with your smartphone.
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