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  • 648 Self Smile

    5 White-Smile Superfoods

    Eat these foods for whiter teeth and a brighter smile.
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  • 648 Drew Barrymore

    How to Be Happier Right Now

    Smile. It's proven to improve your mood.
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  • 648 Celeb Smiles2

    Celebrity Smiles: Guess Who?

    Guess the celebrity smiles.
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  • 648 Celeb Smiles

    Celebrity Smiles (And Frowns!)

    Some celebs smile, others don't, see who!
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  • 648 Facial Expressions

    What's In a Smile?

    New research says different cultures read facial expressions like smiles differently.
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  • Power Of Smiles 648jn061111

    The Power of Smiles

    Smiles are contagious. They’re proven to make you happier, and others too. Get the science behind smiling from Art Markman, PhD, YouBeauty Psychology Advisor.
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  • Teeth Whitening 648

    Teeth Whitening Tips

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen outline options for teeth whitening, from toothpaste, to whitening strips and dentist-office procedures.
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  • Smile Type Ch

    What’s Your Smile Type?

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen explain the three classic types of smiles, which are determined by facial muscles and the condition of your teeth.
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  • Oral Care Tips 648

    Oral Care Tips

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen give tips for maximizing the health and beauty of your lips and mouth, from oral care to plumping and sun protection.
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