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    I’m looking for nice work clothes but on a buget. I wear skirts, pants, dress shirts etc. I’d love your ideas for where you like to shop at good prices. 

    Thanks for sharing! 



    Stores like Marshals and Annie Sez…also, consignment shops


    Aliza N

    Ann Taylor Loft has great sales!  Also, if you have outlets near you, check out Loft, JCrew, Banana Republic Outlets!



    Marshalls and TJ Maxx have a lot of options but yoy do have to do some searching.






    If you sign up for kohls credit card and shop during their clearnce days, AND an EXTRA coupon on top! you can save a lot! I shop there all the time when I get 20% or 30% and go to their clearnce rack. You can get some good items for less than $10 if you actually look. I bought a nice dress for $7 that used to be $60+



    I have found terrific bargains at my local  thrift stores. I am less concerned with the lateststyles/colors, but want professional, well made garments that might be a year old. And I find them: have gotten real silk shirts for a couple dollars; professional slacks in my sizes. I’ve found a few nice jackets on the ‘vintage’ rack (go figure). I got 2 London Fog rain coats for $3 a piece. I rarely wear skirts, so I can’t report that. Check out your thrift shops. Sometimes they even clean it before selling it. There are also some ‘consignment’ shops in the area that have remarkable clothing.. but it does tend to be more costly than thrift shops. And all are much more reasonable that buying brand new clothes… Save your money to spend a good shoes and a nice coat.



    Several churches in my area have thrift stores.  When I donated some of my work outfits at one of these stores I was very surprise at the quality of clothes they had on disply that could be purchased from $0.50 to $5.  Most looked brand new and some even had the original price tags on them.  Also, check consignement shops, but they tend to be pricer then the churches.



    JCPenney has a great collection of clothes for work and they aways have a sale. Their Worthing collection is awesome and comfortable!



    I frequent an upscale consignment store & JC Penney’s. Also, I try to pick up seasonal clearance items at department stores like Macy’s (but sometimes have to wait until next year to get to wear these).



    Here is one best place called HookPrice is the best answer of your question you can find easily any type of working dress with cheap prices helping with compare priceas and latest deals.


    Jessie hao

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    Oh this is one of my favorite questions to answer! I get this a lot from my girlfriends. I have a corporate job and always have to look professional and polished. The best places for skirts and pants are the The Limited. Sign up for their sales and you’ll find some great pieces for $40. I think you can get away with 2-3 pencil skirts, pair of black slacks and 10 interchangeable tops for work and you’re set! Another great place to find inexpensive tops is H&M and believe it or not, Forever 21. If you stick with solid colors with flattering neck lines, you’ll be able to mix and match your tops and bottoms. Of course TJ Maxx and Marshalls are the best stores to shop for these items as well, but if you’re not able to get out of the house. Check out these other online stores. I have a blog that has lost of similar ideas, it’s at Please email me if you have questions, I’d love to help further!



    In replacement of the traditional working slacks, I use wide leg jeans. They are look really formal and casual and fit for office.

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