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    I have hair above my upper lip. What’s the best way to get rid of this? SHould I wax it? Will it grow back thicker? I’ve heard of women doing laser, but I don’t know much about this. Any advice from women on here would be great appreciated. 


    I was debating the best way to get rid of the hair on my upper lip for a couple years now. I finally made the jump to do it about a month ago, and I’m so glad that I did. I find using tweezers to tweeze out the hair is the best option because it’s not expensive like waxing or lasering and it usually lasts me about two weeks before I can notice the hairs growing back in. Doing this has boosted my confidence so much, it’s unbelievable. The only downside to this is if you have sensitive skin like I do. I tweeze it at night so I can give my face time to calm down before I have to go out next. I hope this helps!



    I used to tweeze, but then I started having the ladies at the eyebrow threading salon do my upper lip and chin as well. It works just as well as tweezing, and you don’t end up with any scars from catching the skin while you pluck. Also, the No-No is a less expensive option than laser, and lasts longer than waxing or tweezing. It costs about $100 – I got one for Christmas and I like the results. 



    I use a ladies electric razor that’s just for facial hair. It works just fine, but I hate when I just out of the blue feel a single black hair on my chin. I would like to do laser hair removal. I’m going to look into it.



    I get my upper lip and chin threaded.  It works fairly well, but unfortunately it grows back kinda fast, so i  was thinking of waxing for longer results.



    My doctor advised against tweezing facial hair because it can damage damages the folicle resulting in scarring.  I use a facial hair remover cream.  My facial hair is fine and mostly very light in color.  I only have to do it about once a month.



    I have facial hair on my upper lip, sides of my face, and chin and can’t stand it! I usually take a pair of cuticle scissors and clip the hairs on my sides and chin.  The only problem is that I have to do that every other day and it’s annoying.  I ‘ve considered electrolysis, but that can be expensive . The good thing about electrolysis is that after a while the hair starts to thin and eventually kills the folicle.  I’m not sure how unhealthy that might be.  Another alternative is getting the hair waxed often. I’ve been told you get the same results as electrolysis. 



    I started threading my face four years ago, but my hair grew back thicker, just recently my sister in law told me about Phillips Lumea Precision IPL, shes been using it for 2 years and i see the results on her legs and face, its amazing! it does cost upto £400 but works really well, i have been using it for 2 months now, and i have already started to lose hair and they are growing back thinner. 



    I bleach mine and it lasts for a few weeks.



    I use the Emjoi Emagine Tweezer-Head Epilator Item #: AP-18, on my lip, chin, sides of face, legs and blinking line. Works great and hair grows back finer and finer and in some spots not at all. It’s $100.00 but it only one time and you can use it over and over again. Can be painful at first but the more times you use it the less painful it is. I even use it in my armpits. Only have to use it every 3 weeks. Beats shaving every day!



    I just wax the hair off myself. It’s not ‘so’ expensive. I use Veet facial wax strips and I only have to do it once a week. However, the hair starts getting lighter and begins to lessen. It also gives a clear and smooth skin.



    @mysticosity me too :) 



    Thats what i been thinking about doing using hair removal cream painless right ??



    I have a bit of blonde hair over my lip and it drives me crazy! I use a hair removal cream that is made specifically for the fac (from AVON), and it works fine on my sensitive skin. I have tried waxing before but, to me, the pain is not worth it and I got really bad bumps. I personally don’t think the laser thing is worth it.



    Using hair removal creams on your face is really harsh for your skin and could cause an allergic reaction. Plus I just don’t like the idea of putting all those chemicals on my face so close to my mouth and eyes. Even if you’re not allergic, I don’t recommend it. Tweezing works well but it hurts and does irritate the skin. Waxing hurts, too. The no-no has the advantage of removing the hair and when it grows back you have less and less hair each time until eventually you shouldn’t have hair there at all. Other hair removal ‘machines’ are very expensive. Laser is also through the roof. There isn’t one answer that will work for everyone. I like the no-no and that is after years of tweezing. For now, you might just want to bite the bullet and use a good pair of tweezers. Make sure everything (your face, hands, and tweezers) are sanitized before you start, and use a good cream on your skin after you have tweeved. This worked for me, it’s almost free, and you do get used to the plucking. I wish you well.

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