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    I recently cut blunt bangs, straight across. I loved them when I left the salon but once I did them I can’t see to do them right. I had her keep them long enough to be flat ironed because I don’t like the look of them curled under with a roundbrush. So when I flat iron them I look like  drowned rat. Any fellow ladies with bangs want to share styling tips with me? I don’t want to throw in the towel yet but I’m about ready to clip them back and pray the grow back fast : (


    I do use a really big round brush but them blow them around a bit with the blow dryer so it pulls them straight but they still have body to them.



    Go easier with your flat-iron – use a lower temperature and straighten the bangs quickly and gradually over a couple of stokes instead of clamping and pulling with a super-hot iron –  and turn the bangs under, just a bit, at the end of the stroke.



    As you blow them dry, brush them to one side and then to the other.  When they are mostly dry THEN use the round brush to pull them straight down.  This should achieve a straight, blunt bang with just a hint of curvature toward the end so they look “natural”.



    I’ve always worn blunt bangs and love them. I have straight, fine hair and have blown them dry while fluffing them with my fingers or a brush right-left-right-left followed by a flat iron or curling iron (depending on the length) to add definition. Recently I’ve tried to style them to the side, but they are fighting it! There isn’t enough product or finesse to get them to part to the side, so I will be going back to my old bangs.


    You flat iron can be used to create lift in your bangs without looking like a round brush do. Instead of straightening down with the flat iron, pull the bangs out from your head at a 90 degree angle and use the iron on them that way ( imagine your hair was sticking out from your head like your finger was in  a light socket) that is 90 degree angle from your head. This will give the bangs some umph and you won’t look like a drowned rat. P.S. I’m a hairdresser of 38 years. Go back to your stylist and have her give you a lesson on how to achieve the look you had when you left, she should do it for free, after all you are a walking advertizement for her, she doesn’t want it to be a bad one.




    Just be careful flat ironing them.  A friend of mine didn’t use the iron right and cinged them and what a mess!!!


    Love Victoria’s advice!! It works and she explained it perfectly! Listen to her, she knows what she is talking about 🙂



    If you have perfectly straight hair, then you will achieve better results.  If you hair is wavy or curly, then working with your round brush is a must and then a quick swipe with the flat iron…but flat iron the bang to the side and then once it cools down then lift and smooth the bang.

    eweb29 has the idea!



    If you wash your hair it is very important to blow dry your hair . After that separate your bangs in half with the tip of the comb (comb going towards tye ear ) then straighten the bottom half first the the top with . Do not straighten with a straight angle add alittle curve to the technique. GOOD LUCK !



    I’m having the same problem too. My hair stylist cut my bangs straight across (I havent had these bangs since i was in Elementary School) & they had a nice curve at the ends of them, like a pro. But when i went to sleep & woke up, my bangs kept parting over to 1 side & they would clump up together. I tried over & over again to straighten them but they would not go perfectly straight nor would they stop sticking to one another. And worst of all i can’t get that nice curve like before. Whenever i curve them, they just end up looking flat a minute later. My hair is Fine/Thin & my bangs sit right over my eyebrows.

    Any advice for me? Please look at my profile picture for the bangs my stylist did. Those bangs i would like to achieve again. I just got my hair cut 4 days ago. Thank you all for helping out.


    Electra Z

    The way i do my bangs is I curl them with a curlers at night and then brush them in the morning. its a good way to keep the straight from the salon look.

    hope i helped you out  with your problem


    I also have the same style of bangs but dont like them completely flat. I still use a flat iron (1/4 in) and when I am straightening them I just slightly curl them under so that they have a little body and I love the way that it turns out! In the end I spray a little hair spray and it usually looks the same all day. I hope I could help 🙂


    “Go easier with your flat-iron – use a lower temperature and straighten the bangs quickly and gradually over a couple of stokes instead of clamping and pulling with a super-hot iron –  and turn the bangs under, just a bit, at the end of the stroke.”
    by: ottergrrl

    Ottergrrl is right! Also use less product in your bangs! Try using a moose then flatiron with a low temp. Finish them off with a pomade by just applying to the tips and a few strands. Also call your stylist!! When I was a stylist I would have my client come in and walk them thru styling the part of their hair that they were having troubles with!!! She should do it for free bring in your own tools cause all tools are different and you’ll have a better understanding with your own items!


    That’s a good question. I used to have bangs. Try to get a bristle or synthetic brush, then use a flat iron. Part your bangs, and use a blowdryer to blow them to the side, full on, or, pull them back in a bump and secure with pins. I also used to braid the bangs back and pin them to the side of my head. Good luck!

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