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    what age do you stop growing, when can you truely figure out your body type 

    Just want to know 


    It depends on your body but most girls stops their height growth at 22 but hips and breasts can be different and if you want to know the possibility of your body type look at your family genetics and look see if there is a pattern sometimes but not always you could maybe figure it out and if this is only to see if you will get bigger breasts then don’t worry everyone is perfect and sorry for the run on info if unneeded 😛


    That is a really good question!  i ve been wondering that for a while cause all around me i am pretty much the shortest person.  so yeah sorry that this isnt aan answer. tho



    Your body type would be depending on your measurements of your chest waist hips



    thank you for your responsesSmile



    It really depends! I am was a really early bloommer- my shape was set by the time I was 14! Most of the time it is between 18-25! Things like pregnancy, weight-loss, weight-gain, and other reasons can change your shape! Hope this helps!

    Xoxo M

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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