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    What can I do for dry cracked lips



    I just bought this lip moisturizer its by vasaline and its wonderful its scent free.. its cute it comes in a small jar looking thing i got it at walmart for 1.50… i like it and it helped my lips alot..


    The best thing I have found is Burt’s Bees MANGO enriched chapstick. I’ve always fought dry peeling lips and I can drink all the water in the world, my lips will still get dry. It is the only lip product I’ve found that actually moisturizes the skin below the dry cracked layer on the top. It helps fight the problem, rather than it being a remedy. I got my Burt’s Bees at Wal-mart…


    Laura Kenney

    I experience dry lips year round, and I pick them, to make things worse! When I need to soothe mine, I turn to an oil. They prevent moisture from escaping from your lips, and are a natural alternative to petroleum jelly. Olive oil is a great standby that you can grab from your kitchen, or try Argan oil, an oil harvested in Morocco that soothes skin irritation (which I use on the rest of my face, too!). Rub them on before bed and in the morning, and usually my dryness is gone within a day or two. Though if my lips are actually cracked, the cut will take longer to heal.


    When your brushing your teeth, you could put your toothbrush under warm water, then brush circles on your lips. That exfoliates your lips leaving them soft. Then put vaseline on to lock in moisture.



    Use Chapstick?



    coco butter in a tube from Walgreen’s. its awesome



    Definitely don’t lick them, it only makes them drier. Make sure you are drinking enough water. Every night I gently exfoliate with my toothbrush and then put on a heavy lip balm.



    You can try this great DIY lip exfoliating mask – just 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tbsp of sugar and just a little bit of nutmeg. You stir until it’s somewhat consistent and then rub it all over your lips (not for too long, nutmeg is very abrasive). You need heavy lip balm on afterwards (not necessarily, but it’s better) and I promise you the next day your lips will feel smooth and moisturized! (Also, put lip balm on before you go to bed, that always helps) Good luck!


    Use lip balm made from natural ingredients like beeswax and olive oil. AVOID lip balms with the ingredient phenol. Some of the biggest brands on the market use this ingredient, and it actually BREAKS DOWN your lip tissue and creates “lip balm addiction.” Josinnerzen is right, too – avoid licking at all costs because saliva contains enzymes that also break down tissue. And finally, if you have a flaky spot that won’t go away no matter what you do, see a dermatologist. Pre-cancerous spots are common on the lip area. On that note, always use SPF lip balm during the day. I like the SPF 15 one by Fresh because it doesn’t get a chemical taste in my mouth.



    try carmex 🙂



    BATH AND BODY WORKS! They have the best line of lip care products! I would recommend the menthol line. AMAZING! It gives you a nice cooling feeling while softening and nourishing your lips. LOVE IT! Also, try the exfoliating lip stuff! So good!



    Try the Mary Kay Satin Lips set (lip mask and lip balm), I got it as a gift and fell in LOVE!!!! You apply the mask to your lips in a circular motion to exfoliate the dead skin on and around your lips and leave it on for 2 minutes, then rinse and apply the lip balm. Your lips will feel like silk!!! The lip balm is my all time favorite lip balm, it’s very nourishing and light, it won’t leave you feeling like you packed on lard. Also, when you rub your lips together when applying lipstick or other lip products try not to use your teeth (you know what I mean), if you feel that you have to, the product that you are using will dry your lips. Using force to rub your lips together stretches and cracks the skin on and around your lips and we don’t want that =D


    i SO have lip balm addiction… i used to use chapstick brand and i think thats what caused it because i cannot go without it. now i use burts bees ( the soothing, cooling, refreshing one) and its getting a little better.



    i think this explains why i’m constantly having to apply and reapply lip balm ~ i never factored in or thought about “addictive” ingredients making me have to constantly apply a product to keep getting “results”. I will be switching over to a natural product like Burts Bees.

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