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    I’m starting to get wrinkles around my lip area and I’m not a smoker! How can I get rid of these or at least try not to make them worse. I’ve heard that drinking out of a straw can make this worse and I do that everyday. Anyone have advice on this? 



    I would make sure that you are wearing SPF on your lips, especially when out in the sun. FRESH makes an awesome lip treatment thats called SUGAR Advanced Therapy that I like to wear throughout the day or under lip color. Helps with wrinkles and keeps them hydrated. They also have lots of SPF’s that come in color tints. They are amazing!! I highly recommend these! 


    Ocean City

    Apply topical Vitamin C. Need to eat Food with Vitamins A and E particularly.

    Eat collagen boosting or rich food.

    Botox will get rid of them, for sure.

    Good luck!


    Ray Banz

    Wearing a strong sun block will prevent further wrinkles.  Cover Girl has a great, lightweight foundation with sunblock in it.  In the meantime, the wrinkles that are already there most likely will not go away with any of the expensive “miracle-cure-for wrinkles” creams that are out there.  Juvederm or restylane injections totally get rid of all the wrinkles, and you just have to make sure to go to a good skin doctor who is highly recommended, who really knows what he or she is doing, and knows how to make it look natural, as opposed to going to a technician who isn’t really a doctor, and may not have the skills of a physician.  Injections lasts for about a year.  True beauty comes from within, so if you’re happy and smiling, no one really looks at or cares about your wrinkles.  But if it makes you feel better about yourself, then so be it, and injections are the way to go!


    I had a similar problem, eleven lines 11. They were right between my brows. I figured out  I constantly drew my eyebrows together and this is why I was getting those horrid lines. Your  probably doing something close to what I did, but with your lips. I  tried to stop, but kept doing it. I thought about botox, but was too scared.  So I really thought what the injections did and how and why they worked. Here it is,| expressions not made = lines not formed or made any worse. Now I am not a giant cosmetic company just a regular gettin older gal, so ya know how everyone always tells you take  a chance on your ideas. Oprah!  Well I went to talk with a cosmetic chemist and together for two years worked on my idea. We came up with Face Refrain. I think its a such a great product, but I have had a hard time with marketing fees. Well anyway, here it is how and why it works, its a serum that forms an invisable film that make the skin taut and tight, so it reminds the wearer not to make those expressions.  It’s a simple concept,  reduced expressions = less wrinkles over time and relaxes existing lines .Sometimes I have to admit I’m amazed how well it works. I am offering free samples to anyone who wants one.  Hope this helps.  Train to Refrain!



    If you smoke, STOP!  Not only is it bad for your health in general, I’ve noticed in my girlfriends that smoke that they have wrinkles around the mouth and even in their lips. 



    Ok, I’m stupid, and didn’t see the “I don’t smoke.”  But drinking out of a straw uses similiar lip action, for lack of better terminology, so quit that.  Injections hurt, so I don’t recommend botox or anything. (I’m a wimp), and have to be repeated.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to put botulism in my body lightly.  Find a very good moisturizer and use it diligently.  Cosmetic counters can be a great help.  Take your vitamins, and hydrate, hydrate hydrate! Meaning water, without a straw.



    I thinks it is hereditary.

    If you are in hurry, try this.

    If you want to gradually get rid of those mouth wrinkles go here: “º … “º Wrinkles “º Deep Wrinkles

    My grandmother used Ponds every day on her face. She started at such a young age  that when she got older she still had no wrinkles on her face. Its never to early to start taking care of ourselves!


    Not only drinking from straws but from drinking from water bottles! Try Nerium AD. It is a natural night cream that you put on your face at night. I put it on my lips too and my lip lines are almost GONE (I am 47). My upper lip has also started to plump up. I think it may be the collagen. Give it a try!! And DON’T read the stupid google comments on it. It is a wonderful product.



    Philosophy makes a great product for under your eyes and your upper lip.



    I’ve been using Signature A lip plumper for almost 3 weeks and notice a great improvement. It is said to use every night for 29 days and it should last 3 months. You can also use under or over your lipstick during the day. I haven’t been doing that. It is sold on HSN network and you should see the lady who sells it!!! NO LINES!!!! You can find it online.  beauty, skin…



    Juviderm injections helped me


    Regarding wrinkles between eyebrows I use Botox and have no lines at all


    Regarding wrinkles between eyebrows I use Botox and have no lines at all


    Claire John

    Home remedies that help with wrinkles around lips include drinking lots of water, which keep skin hydrated and plump, and performing facial exercises every day to help prevent wrinkles from forming. By combining natural remedies along with the above-mentioned treatment options, you will effectively get rid of wrinkles around lips in no time.

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