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    I’m currently growing out my hair and I was hoping to get some tips.

    My method was to go as long as possible without getting a cut, to reach my goal length and then get a trim when my hair got too scraggly. But my hair stylist told me that, when growing out strands, it’s more important than ever to get rid of split ends. What is the rationale behind that? Healthy hair grows faster? Do split ends really affect hair growth? Thank you!



    It is! Regular trims help keep hair from breaking/splitting, so you actually gain more length. Ask your stylist for a “dusting” so she knows not to take off too much length.


    It depends. If your hair is very healthy, and you don’t use heat styling, color your hair often, do any intense styling, or use a lot of products — basically if you do NOTHING to your hair and it is very healthy — then you can just let it grow and grow. If you do a lot of potentially damaging things to your hair then your stylist is right and you should get your split ends cut off regularly. Damaged ends break off and make it appear as though the hair isn’t growing, but really it’s just breaking before it reaches it’s full length. One thing to keep in mind is, everyone has a genetically predetermined hair growth cycle, and if your growth cycle is short, you will never be able to grow your hair past a certain point, no matter how delicately you treat your hair. Good luck! I love long hair 🙂


    Yes – StephanieH’s idea is a good one. A “dusting” will get rid of frayed ends without taking away length.



    Try not washing it as much as possible and load up on deep conditioners. Also, it is a good idea to avoid coloring your hair if you are growing it out too- it will look much healthier and fuller.



    When you say not washing it, are you meaning not putting conditioner or shampoo in it or just plain out not getting it wet?



    I have been told that hair only grows about a quarter inch per month so depending on how short your hair is, growing it out will take some time. I have been growing my hair out since June of 2008. When I started it was cut in a layer cut that ended just a little below my ears. It is now just passed my shoulders and I have gotten it trimmed every 6-8 weeks over the growout time. Not getting trims is counter productive. Split ends mean the hair is not healthy and it needs to be healthy to grow. Also long hair itself is not attractive it has to be healthy to look good. Letting it grow out to the desired length then getting it trimmed up does not seem like it would make you feel good about yourself.



    Biotin is the BEST for growing out your hair. Just take it once a day, and you’ll see your hair (and nails!) get longer and stronger in just a few weeks.



    My hair grows about an inch a month! Wash your hair often and that should help. 🙂 Good luck!



    Massage your scalp when you shower. That will increase blood flow and promote healthy oils. Condition your hair. And let it grow. The reason your stylist is telling you to get your hair cut is because she’s the one being paid to cut your hair. ^_^ I’ve grown my hair down to my hips several times, and when I went in to get my hair cut the stylists were always surprised at how few split ends I had. As long as your hair is moisturized and healthy looking you don’t need to get it cut until you’re at the length you desire.



    P.S. Use good shampoo/conditioners. ;]



    I agree! I’ve read that you should get a “dusting” of half an inch or less at least every 8 to 12 weeks. But, if you’re finding more frequently split ends, then get a dusting every 6 to 8 weeks. This will make your hair healthy and srong!!:)



    cutting your split ends help hair grow longer



    Sundown’s Natural Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins… If your intrested, you can join my page, and I’m creating a growth out challenge, and will be sharing tips that might help growing out your hair…Your more than welcome, heres the link Locks<3



    Cutting off your split ends won’t help your hair grow. Your hair grows from underneath the skin on your scalp, where it is alive–what is happening 6, 12, 18 inches at the end of the strand does not matter. Your hair is basically a bunch of fibers wound around each other, when the fibers begin to unroll, you get “split ends”. You should get your hair trimmed every once in awhile (4-6 months if you are trying to grow out your hair) to reduce the appearance of these ends. Your hair grows about 3 inches in 6 months, so you will still be growing out your hair if you remove an inch every six months or so. Avoid heat styling, try not to wash your hair everyday (or if you need to due to your hair being oily, try washing without shampoo. A cheap conditioner is better for your hair and when used as shampoo still removes oils from your hair), and pay attention to how you brush your hair (start from the bottom and use a brush with gentle, giving bristles). You can also trim split ends individually if you are worried about your hair unraveling, but generally split ends are no more than 1/8 unraveled.Hair stylists need to stop spreading this myth, honesty is more important than making money. It is disheartening, their job is to go to school to learn the truth about hair so they can tell us, not to misinform us.

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