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    I have tried different things with no success.  Nioxon did not help I tried that a few time then found out that it is not for growing hair back it is only used to make it thicker.  I am hoping to find a natural way to grow it back without using any chemicals.  Please help I would love to have my hair back.




    Hi nicol81101,

    i have a couple of places for you to try to help the thinning hair issue…for my hair is doing the same thing with the age and a few health issues mine is actually scary…lol. anyway always remember that massage is one of the best things for thinning and hair regrowth also i take biotin everyday which you can get anywhere they sell vitamins, and try to eat a healthy diet…( i try but my goodness who resist a big fat cheeseburger or a big bowl of ice cream..lol ) now here are a couple of websites to help with home remedies for thinning hair….natural-homeremedies.org/herbal-remedies-for-thinning-hair/ or you can try this one…..findhomeremedy.com/home-remedies-for-thinning-hair/. k there you go i hope this helps….take care



    I had thinning hair diagnosed as alopecia for 8 years and I have done EVERYTHING to make it grow except injections in the scalp which I have read can leave scarring to no avail.   NOTHING has worked and while I get short spurts of growth, in the last month it is coming out in handsful.    I’ve used vitamins, minerals, rubs, “miracle” cures, melatonin, coconut oil, rogaine, and the list goes on and on.   ANY ONE with a viable suggestion is welcome to send or reply to this message.    Luckily I have found a nice wig or two and it helps when i leave but living daily life sure sucks with a bald head.


    I have fine/thinning hair. I do a combination of things to keep it thicker. One is to use the Nixion just to keep the appearence thicker, two is to take biotin, three is to eat protein and fish. Since I started this my hair has had some regrowth and looks healthier. Breakage is fine hair’s enemy and using a hair mask along with using argon or morrocan oil at the ends has also helped with the breakage. You may not have the head of hair you had when younger, it is all part of aging so work with what you have still and build on it. 



    I have thinning from age and thyroid issues. I too eat a healthy diet of meat protein and vegetables. For a couple of months now, I’ve been using Aveda’s Invati line, especially the scalp revitalizer, it really seems to help.  I have a bathroom full of products I have tried and this one seems to work the best.



    I use a few different things for my thin hair… i use Kerastase Bain Stimuliste GL shampoo for thinning hair and i really massage the scalp during my shampooing (5 minutes) then i rinse and condition. I take a biotin siuppliment , vitamin A, C and Zinc and switched to a boar hair bristle brush. Made a huge difference. Good luck!


    My hair was thinning due to age and whatever. I thought my hair line was receding too. Since I have been taking Krill oil, I really feel my hair is not falling oout at all and I see new hair growth!



    “My hair was thinning due to age and whatever. I thought my hair line was receding too. Since I have been taking Krill oil, I really feel my hair is not falling oout at all and I see new hair growth!”
    by: vickiburckhardt

    What brand of Krill Oil are you taking?



    I had alopecia areata in 2000 and tried everything for this. I saw about 4 doctors and 1 herbologist. No one seemed to have any direct answer for me. My younger sister got it as well and her doctor gave her the scalp shots. I went to my doctor and had them done as well and they WORKED!!!! 🙂 My hair is thinning but I haven’t had any more areata. 



    what is this hair shot?? I never heard about it. I have alopecia since I was 16 with no medical condition or aging issues. I tried thing ing the laser comb and nothing works so far. Doctors dont have any reply except it is genetics. My husband dont like me wearing wigs. it is so prominenet that I cant wear extensions anymore. 



    I too had struggled with not only thinning hair but also adult onset acne. After being on birth control from the age of 18 to the age of 51 my doctor decided it was time for nature to take its natural course and did it ever. All the birth control hormones my body was so used to getting were wiped out of my system and replaced with HRT. NO GOOD. After being on HRT for 6 months  I could hardly look at myself in the mirror without breaking into tears. My beautiful head of hair was getting washed down the shower drain in handfuls and my complexion resembled a pubescent teenager. There wasn’t a spot on my face that wasn’t covered with large red bumps. So I stopped the HRT and got myself to a dermatologist who in turn saved my life. For some menopausal women we can get what is referred to as Androgenic  Alopecia. That’s too many male hormones in plan english. He prescribed 100 mg of Spironolactone which is a blood pressure medication used in for this condition. Within 24 hours my complexion cleared up and within 6 months my hair was showing signs of recovery. You have to be patient and you need to talk to a doctor about whether this treatment is right for you depending on what may be the root cause of your thinning hair. It wouldn’t hurt to ask. 



    alovera plant which u can buy at tonys grocers . what u do is cut a piece off open it and apply the sticky stuff on your hair and leave it for 15 min then rinse out,  with the  juice off celery  6 stick should do this shpuld help your hair start to grow the natural way



    Yes me too



    Try ACell + PRP–new stem cell treatment available at several hair re-growth physicians’ offices.  It really works!  It did for me!  It helped almost before I walked out of the office–saw decidedly new hair and strengthened existing hair within 2-3 weeks.  



    I have read that MSM supplements help reduce hair fall, and castor oil scalp treatments encourage new growth.  Also Rooibos tea both drinking it and applying it to hair/scalp is supposded to help.  I hope you get success in growing more hair.  It breaks my heart when I see mine in the shower drain 🙁

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