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    Four years ago I used to be the perfect weight, and ever since me and my boyfriend have been dating i’ve put on some pounds. I always try to lose weight and then i just end up giving up. It’ll last for a couple days and then i’ll just stop. How can i motivate myself to get up and excercise.  I would like to try to lose weight and keep it off so i can have some confidence.



    You know, I had the same situation.Twice 😀 But after my first relationship (actually at the end of it) I realised that I really need to loose weight because people asked whether I was pregnant (and I wasn’t!) I startesd working out, cuting off food that I ate and I felt so much awesome! And I broke up with my bf…. Then I’ve got motivation by how many wows i’ve received from everyone, how i look beauty and I felt more confident in myself and more great! Now, I found another guy and I gained a little weight. My guy isn’t much into fitness and that’s what’s not keeping me to do excercises regulary, but I understood one thing- if you need to loose weight, you will do that! i mean the biggest motivation should be you and your feelings. I mean, I’m loosing weight because i really wanted to and I weant to see that 6abs. Plus I get really a lot motivation while visiting pinterest – it has so much workouts/motivations 🙂


    I am in your exact same situation, if you find something that really helps- please let me know- I am feeling so down lately about my appearance and how I have let myself gain weight.



    I have been feeling the same way.. “how can I stay motivated, and get into the right mindset” . It has to start in the mind first, and once your mind is set, THEN thats when your body will follow. What has helped me is that  I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing someone I dont know. i used to have a great body when I was younger, and time just happened to catch up to me… Sometimes I work out for a while and then stop.. but when I go back, I notice all those women, and how great they look. I want to look great for myself!! So this time I am just doing it. Losing whatever weight you want to lose, takes time, and it would be helpful to remember that, none of us gained weight overnight. Take every day one step at a time, and every time you wake up, if what you see isnt what you want, then make a point to change it.  Some helpful things for me to help work out was doing the classes at my gym rather than just going to the machines. I do a lot of Zumba and I do a body strengthening class that is called Body Pump.. (with light to heavy weights, legwork, arms, and ab work) and it has helped me stay motivated, because its FUN.  I have been watching what I eat little by little.. cutting things out one at a time.. I come from a culture that eats a ton of rice.. so that went first, sodas, pastas, breads.. and then i replaced them.. with smaller portions of brown rice, wheat pasta, wheat bread.. and added more veggies to my diet.. I hope this was helpful, and I hope you do find some motivation!! I know you will soon!!! keep it up!!



    I totally understand your situation about not having the motivation to work out and wanting to get there.  The point recently came for me.  A co-worker and I were talking about getting back into shape and she was saying she had a gym membership.  I’ve always been leery of the memberships myself but that conversation prompted me to look at some.  The one that she was already a member of (and not going) was affiliated with our employer and offered discounts on the membership.  Also, the manager offered other discounts.  I toured the facility and joined.  I’ve been going for the last month and I’m loving it. 

    The point came for me when I finally decided that I really wanted to make a change.  I kept telling myself it was time out for excuses.  Before, I would say, I’m tired, I have homework; I have things to do at home or the gym at my apt closes up early.  It was time to stop making excuses.  Now the opportunity to have a work out partner and full access to a facility were presented in front of me, so I took it.  I make time for all these other things, now it’s time to make the time to work out and get healthy!

    I think once you get “fed up” and decide to make that change, you will do it.  Now I have even more motivation to use those workout tapes and DVDs that I have at home.  I have more energy and I’m loving what I’m seeing my body turn into.  So some words of encouragement for you would be to surround yourself with positive people, sayings and things.  I found a lot of fitness related images and I email them to my partner during the week to keep up motivated.  Also, if you need it, get you a partner.  Also, find things that you want to try or that you know you enjoy and this will make the workout routine less boring and monotonous.  These are just things that have helped me and I hope they encourage you.  Remember, just posting this question, is a first step toward the direction of changing.  I hope what I and everyone else has to say motivates you to get started Smile !!!




    i am having the same trouble…motivation. i start out really strong, and then nothing. i continue to eat right, but jogging gets thrown out of the window at times. if any one knows a good way to keep the motivation, please feel free. im serious about the weight lost.



    Haven’t we all struggled and beat ourselves up enough yet? Once u start loving urself for u and realize that no one person, or “diet” is going to make u thin or thinner or healthy, however u want to “label” it, then and only then will u successfully attain what u want in ur life. Accept u for u don’t put urself “down” or “fat” talk like on you website. Think positive, use positive affirmations, eat at the table, don’t eat in fronyt of the TV or ur Computer. Ck out the you beauty site and take the tests see what areas u can improve. Keep a food diary, writein  what u eat… how u feel…before u eat it…while ur eating it…and after u’ve eaten it. This can help put ur mind in a better perspective. Remember, no one sees us as bad as we see ourselves……


    Those are great words to think about – maybe we all just needed that reminder!



    I had gained weight from past 4 years. Its just comfort eating and then gradually as you are adding on weight one becomes lazier and lazier to a point where you just cannot motivate yourself because of the repetitive thought process.

    It all starts with whats important to you and then train your mind. I ve learnt that its not just my weight its actually the lifestyle which then after losing weight needs to be maintained. Body is a reflection of our mind and how we think. Its very important that we portray our best in front of others. Body is a medium through which we act,react and perform all our duties in our life so treat it with respect. 

    I think weight loss becomes very easy and just another task when you make a list of things that you notice has gone wrong because of weight addition such as bad skin,bowel probs,tiring etc. Once you know and its very important to acknowledge these problems and accept them. Making a change then becomes easy. This may not seem easy or realistic but whatever image you have in your mind for ideal body ,start living in that image and see your self like that only. Stop thinking that your overweight because you are just making your old thoughts to stay . But, we dont want that. That old pattern has to change. 

    Its not just fat losing its cleansing the body,re-conditioning and making your temple( body) pure and clean so that you and your mind can feel good once again.

    We dont deserve to be carrying so much extra rubbish with us.


    I am also in the same boat trying to get my butt out the door. I lost quite a bit of weight after high school I was 230 and was at 160 and kept it off for a couple years..then things in my personal life became more stressful and few deaths in my family. I just lost hope..had to start over moved back home and thats when the pounds came back. Now I am at my highest I ever been which is scary 🙁 

    Right now I recently have been starting a board where I have pictures of when I was thinner and healthier and clothes ( like a favorite shirt or jeans or dress ) that I used to wear that I can look back and see I can fit back into them again. You can put other things on the board too like words,poem,and quotes. too keep your mind motivated with good thoughts. 

     I did lose the weight before and I know I can do it again is also hard when you have no one else to be a partner in this with to help motivate them too and got to go it alone. 



    I’m not where I want to be with healthy meals and exercise but I’m closer. Every time you try, you learn something about yourself. I did a liquid diet for 4 days straight once and learned how to differentiate between boredom hunger and real hunger, listening to my body. I went a few weeks eating small healthy meals every 3 hours and learned what meals do to my blood and how to control food-based mood swings. I went a week doing 5 minutes of intense cardio every morning before work (5am) and learned how to give myself more energy than 2 cups of coffee. After a week of healthy, correctly portioned dinners I was in love with the feeling of calm satisfaction and increased energy after a meal instead of the sickly full feeling that drained energy.Keep trying and learning about yourself. Even if you’re putting in half the effort you would like you’re still doing better than if you let things go completely!



    I’m having the same problem. I think the key is to find something active that you love to do. Which for me, is dancing. Doing that activity 3 or 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Since I found something I love, I’ve actually been sticking to it. maybve that could work 🙂



    I’ve got a lot of weight to lose. What I tried doing this time was acting “as if”-as if I was already at my goal weight, and what it would take to maintain that.So far, I’ve been on my new diet-really, a way of eating for good-for three months. So far, I’ve lost thirty-five pounds. I hope I can start doing more exercise as I lose weight.I know I won’t be at my goal weight for months, but I know I’ll be there at some point, anyway-and I want to be at that new weight when I get there!One way in which I’m really lucky is that my husband has been very supportive.Is your boyfriend supportive of your efforts? Can you possibly partner with a friend?Good luck to you!



    I don’t know how old many of you ladies are, but I will be turning 32 this year.  I refuse to throw in the towel and just get fat like way too many women my age (with or without having had kids).  Get off your butt, start walking.  Anybody can walk.  Then start running.  Try a 5k, run, walk, jog for a charitable cause.  I do one every month between March and November.  I’ve lost twenty pounds.  Nobody thinks I’m as old as I am, and I still eat junk food and sweets from time to time.  Just control yourself. Eat fruits and vegetables. Drink water over soda.  Simple changes make huge differences. Quit making up excuses.  Go see a therapist if you need to. Only you can motivate yourself.  Do you want to be in good shape, fit, able, and healthy-or do you want to just get fat like most of America.  Sorry to sound a bit harsh, but your body is your body.  How you look is ultimately up to you. 



    pixiequeen wrote:I don’t know how old many of you ladies are, but I will be turning 32 this year…………………………….I’m 52. I’ll be 53 next month. I know losing weight is harder at this age, but it’ll be even tougher after menopause, so I’m working on it now.

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