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    A YouBeauty reader recently asked us for advice about how long she should wait before having sex with a new guy, so we thought we’d turn the question over to you:

    How long do you wait to have sex with a new partner?

    We’d love to include your responses in an upcoming article to help single women feel empowered to make these decisions. If you feel comfortable, tell us how long you’d ideally wait, how long you actually wait, and how you feel about what does or doesn’t work for you.

    We look forward to reading your thoughts.

    (Please also include your age since these choices vary for people in different walks of life.)



    I’m 35, and if it’s a guy I’m dating and see as a potential boyfriend and not just a fling or something, I wait until we are both not seeing other people and have both been tested for STIs. It helps to make sure I stay healthy – both physically and emotionally. My current boyfriend and I actually waited about 3 months, and more than a month after we decided to be exclusive. It took awhile to get tested and get our results.



    I’m 31 (almost 32), and I’m engaged to my fiancee, we now have a 6 month old son and have been together for just over 2years. We had sex on our first date. I don’t think there is an ideal number of dates or a length of time to wait. I think it’s more a matter of your self-esteem and emotional control. If you are a person who gets easily attached, especially after sex, then you should wait longer. But if you are confident in yourself and can hold yourself back emotionally and want to have sex on the first or 2nd date, then go ahead.


    Astarte Rose

    This is a serious matter, especially for young ladies. Though the disease factor is relevant, the emotional vulnerability is equally important. Before either male or female commit to sexual relationship, there may be required a space for this relationship to occur. Venturesome young folks seem more brainwashed by the medias sex pulse rather than moral comfort and compass. Creating a false environment in which youngsters find themselves unsafe in.Love at first sight does exist, in our experience. Couples chemistry cannot be denied, yet a hasty move with such delicate energy with such a predictable outcomes is more likely because of lack of restraint and license in our modern culture than true love.Doctors office visits take as much tyme, if not more, than a quick sexual encounter. Believe in oneself and ones virtue before letting life rob one so young of such a long lifetyme of goodness.Sex without love is destructive to both parties and puts a blunt edge on both hearts for present and future times. What is so enjoyable about lovemaking is remembrance of the close bond between lovers. The sensational experiences, private between two is momentary yet makes one more healthy, loving, and happier because of the chemical reactions and improvements inside each body.We offer and share these words, however, we do not wish them to be included. Thank you.Rushing into sexual encounters, thus, should be avoided. Dates, friendships, sharing cultural events of common or no so common interest – all take tyme and have a certain innocence which cannot be denied. Give our youngsters more room to develop better perceptions of the individuals they tend to be attracted towards and have certain attributes which attract certain types of individuals.What we carry around that affects us, shadows or lights up our days and futures. Be thoughtful before subjecting youth to maturity before the youth is equipped for the situation.We are 67 and have had both sides of love and feel our story reflects our personal experiences. Love is the most fragile energy of all and needs a secure environment to flourish, in our opinion, actually. We are glad to share our opinion, but do not feel comfortable to be included in any article, at this time. Thank you.



    Long enough, I hope.


    jens beauty

    I’m 38 years old, It just shouldn’t be the focus or priority if you want it to last… it’s better to wait at least 6mths.The longer the better…



    This is a loaded question because it depends on numerous variables. How old are the people? Are they looking for a marriage partner, dating or just looking for fun? What is their own personality? Personally, I think if you are looking for love you should wait a bit longer. Take it slow and let the relationship grow before you let the brain chemicals attached to sexual interactions effect your decisions. Outside of that, you should have sex whenever you feel comfortable with it. It’s a personal decision and people should stop judging or being concerned with what works for others. As long as both people are on the same page, it is irrelevant how long you do or don’t wait.


    The only real answer is when you feel it is right. Don’t do it for any specific reason; being forced/threatened to, can’t wait, ect. You will know when it is right, don’t believe anyone who tells you a specific number, it is different for everyone. Don’t do it if the person is forcing you to, or saying things like, “If we don’t do it now, I’m going to leave you”, let them leave then. If he/she can’t wait for you to be ready too, then don’t waste your time with this person. There is someone right for everyone, someone who will be willing to wait. Hope I helped! :]



    well every relationships different some you feel ready sooner than others its all to do with the chemistry between the two people there’s no wrong or right you have to think of the persons state of mind and how comfortable they are its diffrent for everyone 🙂


    Im 18 And I Have A Daughter And i Learned That U Have To B Care Ful Who And How Fast U Have Sex In A Relationship… I Think U Should Wait At Least Tell U Guys Have Talked About It Like Everything That Could Happy And Like Use Protection And Everything Thats How I Do It Now Bc If U Dont Then When U Just Right In To Sex All The Guy Is Goin To Want Is That Bc One You Dont Kno Nothing About The Guy So U Have Nothing To Talk About Then Two He Might Just Be Like ” O I Got The Sex Now Im Leaving Guy”… So Be Care Full Get To Know The Guy First…




    hello, i am 21 years old. i personly think that you should wait 7 months. gives you time to really get to know that person and have time to think about it before doing it.



    I will wait to have sex with new partner untill and unless i got married with her.

    by: MrsWallace313

    I knew without looking that kid would be mulatto.


    I met my new girlfriend six months ago and she wants me to wait another six months. Does anybody think it is normal or is she just using me? I love her very much and really feel that she is my true love.

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