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    dhe sak

    I’m a girl and I’m 22 year old.
    My boyfriend is 30.He has problem when we have sex.
    He could erect perfectly but he always use condoms and some kind of antyseptic tissue wipe to help him last longer in bed.But if he didn’t use anything,he would ejaculate soonMaybe about 5-10 minutes in regular sex position and movement.
    I wonder if it’s because he never not using condom that makes his penis become sensitive to skin-on skin touch.
    If we have sex two times in one night,the second one he could last longer even without  using any of those prop.
    Is there any cure of this that can be found easily or any self therapy??
    I’m worried because he’s still so young but he got this problem already.Meanwhile,oh the other side I always want to have sex whenever possible and mostly we make love once in a week

    Thank You



    Tell him to “warm up” before you guys do it. And if you guys do it more often he will learn how to hold it.



    Sounds like he’s inexperienced and/or hasn’t masturbated (enough) to know his own body, to gain better control or knowledge of how it all works.  Being in a new relationship is enough reason to be anxious or nervous, so find a way to use that energy to your advantage.  Be playful and fun, and relax!  The more you “practice” the more he’ll learn, but I understand right now it’s bothersome and perhaps embarrassing.  Sometimes it’s helpful for men to “jerk off” before having sex.  It means they’ll last longer, as you already know because you say his 2nd time is better.  Make this the habit, but don’t let him do it alone . . . Masturbate with each other during foreplay and practice your techniques too, and then teach him what you need too.  Communicate and you’ll be fine!   

    If he is not circumsized, the head of his penis will be extremely sensitive and jumpy.  Give him time to get more used to everything and he’ll eventually become more sexually mature. 


    dhe sak

    Thanks for all of your replies.

    @Erectz: I prefer no pills though,but thanks for your offer anyway.

    @MyKinKStar:He’s experienced,we’ve been together for over 3 years now but I think the anxiety got him because we’re not ready for baby so he has to use condom.But yeah,I guess you’re right,the more we practice,the more he’ll learn.Apart from it is that he doesn’t want to dissapoint me in bed,so he try to last long by using those props.

    Thanks for your advise guys.. Laughing



    Those pills was not for you it was for your guy.


    dhe sak

    erectz:I know,I  know he wouldn’t want to use pills either.



    Do not wory, you both are perfectly O.K. Do not take any medicine, which will not be helpfull. Increase your foreplay duration. Try to ejaculate during foreplay. Try oral sex if you like, before intercourse. Change your sex position, movement and roleplay evry minute. I think these tips will improve your situation.



    My boyfriend had trouble lasting long enough, too. It seems like every guy suffers from premature ejaculation. We started using Promescent and he lasts much longer now. I heard about Promescent from Dr. Laura Berman. She recommends it because it works differently from other treatments for premature ejaculation.

    Dr. Laura Berman talks about Promescent:



    Alex, My husband and I saw Promescent on Dr .Oz and thouight we would give it a shot. There is no transference to the female partner which was my complaint on other products we had used. We were both very satisfied.  



    I had the same exact problem as you, except my BF could barely last 5 seconds much less 5 minutes. So you are lucky. I found a self training program that we used together who help him last longer, and we are seeing good results with it. Maybe it can help you guys out too, I’ll leave a link below. Just be patient with him, don’t make him feel bad about the problem. Find a program that works out for you and use it. Premature ejaculation is very treatable thank goodness! GOOD LUCK!


    I’m the Vice President of Marketing for Absorption Pharmaceuticals.  We make Promescent, now the leading medication for manyurologists across the country. Check out our physician testimonials:    Unlike all the other products available on the market except for Priligy, which is not available in the USA, Promescent is an FDA-approved, pharmaceutical-grade product. 

    We encourage people to try natural methods but most men find that, although they can help, they don’t really give men what they want.  Let’s face it, starting/stopping, squeezing, etc.  don’t allow you to have an unbridled, intense sexual experience. 



    My husband has the same issue.   I ordered a trial size of Promescent and he tried it.  Wow.  Now he can last long enough so that I could have an orgasm DURING INTERCOURSE !!   I knew it would be difficult to get him to agree to use it so I told him that I wanted to spend a little extra time on oral sex and I wanted to make sure he woudl last long enough for me.   You think he said no to that?



    Seems like a lot of woman have discovered Promescent for their rmen….LOL  I saw it on Dr. Oz and suggested we order it and make a night of passion and include some toys and a a blindfold like Dr. Berman suggested. I think my husband lasts fairly long (6-7 minuites) but I just need more time. We were doing extended foreplay to get me “almost there” but I don’t want to start intercourse almsot there. I love extended passionate intercourse. I felt like if I suggested only Promescent it would loook like I was insinuating he was inadequate but by including it with some other stuff we were just “spicing it up”. Funny thing is he now orders the Promesent on his own because he loves how lasting longer intensifies his oragasm.


    My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year now. He has had problems with finishing before I do. It killed his confidence, and was killing our relationship. Being the queen of daytime T.V. I obviously watch Dr. Oz. He recommended a product called Promescent. It saved our relationship and my boyfriend’s confidence.



    I met a number of guys who had PE problems and found that one method that worked for a guy might not work for another guy. It was very dependant on individual causes and specific condition.

    So, it would be a good idea before undergoing any treatment to define first the individual causes.

    I found here a page of the site Daniel’s Private Sex Counselling Group which might be helpful for guidance.

    How to Last Longer in Bed for Men

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