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    I know everyone will probably find me ridiculous, but I worry about everything.
    So my boyfriend and I were messing around and he fingured me and took out his penis as well. He swore he didn’t hve any *** at all on his hands or his penis and that he used the other hand to touch me.
    So about two weeks later, I had my period (or at least  think I did), but I’ve read that some women will bleed after they get pregnant.
    Then about two weeks after I bled, I started having spotting which is normal for me during ovulation. And since then I’ve been having all sorts of discharge like normal.
    But during the time of ovulation I started getting sick. I’ve had this bug for about a week with lots of coughing, stuffy nose, aches,102 fever, chills, etc. The only weird thing is when I blow my nose, my mucus is clear.
    I’m really worried (most likely for no reason) but am I probably just sick with the flu??



    Get a test


    You could be just sick with the flu but to be on the safe side I would take a pregnancy test. If you find out that you are pregnant you need to see a doctor for the flu like symptoms. Good luck.



    Bellisimaa, *get a test*. You can go to your doctor, to a clinic such as Planned Parenthood, or you can just get an over the counter test at your local drug or convenience store.

    From your despecription, though, your cold or flu would appear to have *nothing* to do with pregnancy. The only common symptom that might be confused between flu and pregnancy is vomiting–this is the “morning sickness” that pregnant women sometimes get in their first trimester.

    I doubt very much that your flu symptoms have anything to do with pregnancy.

    But while you are at your doctor’s or that clinic, I think it would be a very good idea for you to talk to the doctor about birth control and pregnancy, and see which method would work best for you and your boyfriend. Good luck!

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