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    Is there a way to get rid of a saggy jowl? My neck area is not as tight as my face and it makes me really self conscience. I’d love some advice on this. Anyone else deal with this? 



    …I have the same issue..; my face looks fine..its the other part.:( what I have been doing is a ‘ jaw tightening ‘ exercise. I found this online  but no longer have teh link to it  or would sahre it with you. Also, I am considering gettng the” Lifestyle  Lift”..its a fairly cheap option compared to other options and its advertised on TV a lot. I also started wearing this ‘ neck wrap thing’ that I ordered from Bliss, I wear it when I exercise ( my stuff that I do every other day- leg lifts. etc.) to keep my face from ‘ bouncing around. It has helped. 



    Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have always been slender and now I have this neck thing. It just sucks in some ways getting older doesn’t it? lol



    Alma Accent works.



    I haven’t heard of that. Thank you too!



    Look up sites for neck and facial exercises.  I have been doing them since I was a teen and I am literally the only person in my family with a neck!  I swear by them.  One way is to pull your cheeks back to pull your lower lip tight and squeeze all the muscles in your jaw and neck area.  Another is to point your chin up and push your lower lip up to the upper lip, this should feel like you are tightening right under your chin.  Have you ever seen a man shave?  Imitate those moves to work out the muscles in your cheeks.  You really will feel your muscles get a workout.  Do them like Keigels – at commercials or when you are doing the dishes!



    Whatever product or procedure you are thinking of trying, be sure you do a Googly search and put in the name plus ‘reviews’ to see what others are saying about their experience.  It’s hard to believe in anything anymore, with so many scams out there, and the last reason to trust a company is if they are advertising everywhere!  

    Look up Lifestyle Lift Reviews and you’ll see plenty of women who didn’t do very well.  Sure, we all react differently, and have different expectations, but take it all into consideration to help you decide and be prepared.  You too could be one of those who doesn’t come out looking like you hope and then what?  

    Do your homework and be sceptical.  It might mean you reconsider or at least put off spending money on a miracle procedure or product.  Once the risks are thought over, then perhaps it’s worth it, but please take your time to study the info available!



    Don’t do the Lifestyle Lift. I did and I’m sorry I did. I’ve spent several thousand dollars after the lift trying to restore the facial fat I use to have in my cheeks and I still have jowls! 



    I am so glad I saw the post about the lifestyle lift. I went for an interview and they said it would cost me 8 to 10 thousand dollars.i did not consider that cheap. I hate the sagging jowl but what can I do but excersise.We are gonna age anyhow.


    Tiny dancer

    I ran into a girlfriend who looked absolutely wonderful after having a few “Thermage” sessions.  Her jowls and sagging neck are pretty much nowhere to be seen!?!   She looked soooo amazing, I set-up a consult appointment for myself!   I liked the idea because there is absolutely “no cutting” involved and no down time whatsoever.


    Ocean City

    Oh my Goodness, do NOT go to Lifestyle Lift. They are not qualified doctors. Just google it to see the horrible results people have had!

    You need to see a plastic surgeon, board certified, of course. 

    I had the same problem and he injected a bit of juviderm which lifts your upper face, pulling up your jowls. It has lasted over a year and I look fine.  

    No down time and great results!



    Get a book named Yoga Face by Anneliese Hagen. 



    Love and accept yourself just as you are. Make peace with aging. (I am 50 and happy) Smile and laugh – helps tighten the neck area….

    AND play up your eyes with tasteful, age appropriate make up to focus attention on the upper half of your face.


    I have pretty much the same problem, my face itself looks pretty good for my age (53), but it’s really a shame that when we are young someone doesn’t tell us to do something to help hold off that sagging jawline.  I also googled the Lifestyle Lift after seeing ads on tv, and like the question asker, thought less expensive meant about $2,000 or so, not around $8,000!  I’ve read that MEN don’t tend to get the relaxed jawline/jowl thing because of daily shaving, so mimic the actions of shaving also as part of the exercise routine.  Strangely, I’ve also noticed that when I’m more tired, the jowl is more obvious!  So get plenty of rest if you can!



    Here are few things I’ve found that help my sagging jawline. Massaging skin upward and gently pinching the skin temporarily lifts it. Also a battery powered face brush with rotating bristles or a massage attachment also lifts and firms the skin. Next a skin firming gel or moisturizer will help hold the tightened skin. Apply lotion as well as foundation in an upward/outward motion. Lancome’s Renergie Lift, and Serious Skin Cares Total Lift Recall are two that I recommend. I mix them together, only a small amount of the Total Youth Recall is needed. I have also ordered an infared facial device, and I can’t wait to see how it works. I hope these tips help you, have a great day.


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