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    Ok, so I’m 13, and people will tell me I’m pretty, but I just can’t believe it somehow. It’s only my immediate family and friends that say that. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe I just don’t fall into my personal ideal. I’m also in the “ugly stage”, so i knwo that helps, but when does it end?
    Also, I (try to) sing opera. people will tell me I’m good and “gifted”, but again, only my immediate family. and my dad wants me to sing for him, so he’ll know whether it would be worth his money to find me a proper teacher, but he’ll make me nervous and I’ll just freeze up. and he always manages to tell me to sing when i’ve eaten or drunk something really detrimental to the voice, like ice cream. Then he’ll be like, “I don’t think you really can sing. You’re a fake,” and stuff like that. He”s in the army, so he’s used to giving orders like that, and I know he means well, he’s trying his personal method of persuasion, to “scare me into singing”. but whenever I sing by myself, I think of him laughing at me or telling me I suck, and I’ll freeze up. I can’t practice like that! attitude and mindset take up 95% of the whole singing process.
    I just wish he would come up on me when I’m singing by myself and having a good voice day, when I wasn’t self counscious and all. And then he’d be like, “wow! you are awesome!!!” but his timing is always off.

    Viva la Fantome!



    Well try talking to your dad about how he makes you feel. Tell him that you can sing good and you don’t need his opinion to determine if you are worth while. Personaly i think he’s being a little harsh on you… just saying. Whats on the inside is what counts 🙂 good luck sweetie 


    I wish I could sing opera! I love it. I am aslo extremely negative in my personal view of myself. If opera makes you happy then stick with it. it is so hard in life to find something that brings joy to your life! There will ALWAYS be haters. Always. Stick with what makes you happy and look for what you need, not what your father wants.



    Yes! An opera fan! sorry tho cause I dont think I can give you much advice on this subject tho.



    It will get better, trust me! I’m a singer too, Phantom for life t think of anything else!:)

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