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    since I was young, I have always had premonition nightmares and they scare me. After dreaming about 9-11 two months before it happened, I cant get over 2 hours of sleep at a time. I dont ever want to see something like this again. I take Ambien 10mg, trazodone 100mg and 10mg of Melatonin to try to put me to sleep. I also use a cpap machine every night……how do I get sleep???? Im running exhausted all the time and easitly get sick. I have a 5 year old son that I would love to play more with if I just wasnt so tired. Any Advice?


    Well to start with, one of your problems is that you are denying your gift of Sight. I understand how you feel. i have spent many nights not being able to sleep and also times of being ill even for no reason that can be explained. I came to realize that i could see my own future periodically. I didn’t realize till after a serious car accident i was in came true 2months after I dreamt it. I tried to ignore my sight and it caused more problems then it fixed. I suggest you to go out and buy a journal to write what you see. I know that somethings you don’t want to see and can be extremely disturbing, but its a part of who you are and it will continue to cause problems if you fight it. To explain the feeling sick or being ill, that is linked to your sight also. I was bed ridden the day before and of 9/11. what happens is when something is about to happen that is major enough to affect your own life your body warns you by making you feel ill. depending on how big of a change it is will decide on how bad you will feel. The bigger the worse. I have overcome most of it by excepting my gift and meditation. Now a days it rarely bothers me, but it will take some time for you to understand and control your gift. I know this might sound unorthedox to you but I suggest seeking help from a wiccan or pegan. They will help you more with this than a standard doctor. They helped me. i wish you luck and I hope that I have helped you . Good luck.


    That can be scary, especially if you feel like you foresaw something as traumatic as 9/11. If that premonition spurred your lack of sleep, then dealing with the feelings around that will be the key to resting easily again. A good first step is to challenge some of the thoughts around those feelings of premonition. For example, if you feel like those premonitions always come true, try to think of examples when they don’t. You might try looking at sleeping as an experiment: see what you dream about and look for scary scenarios or images intentionally. Describe each of them in a dream journal and notice how many don’t come to pass. Describing your dreams will also help correct for any false memories (one of our brains’ most common tricks) that might make a premonition seem more dead-on than it really was. Quite a few people actually reported premonitions of 9/11 and the most likely reason is simply that our brains come up with all sorts of scary scenarios that can seem like premonitions after the fact even if, in reality, they were random. I hope sleep comes easier soon!



    Those prescriptions might just drown out your intuition. You might be hypersensitive. Maybe you should find a boyfriend or something to help you feel safe when you sleep.


    Yes, I have advise: see your doctor & get some bloodwork done. Rule out physical imbalances. Then, start keeping a dream journal. I occasionally have premonition dreams too. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes not. But think of this: it may be scary to have the dream, but not dreaming is not going to change the situation. Let yourself dream. Allow for 10 minutes in your morning routine to journal. Then maybe try some yoga or other breathing technique to help you clear your head and focus. Set an evening routine to relax & calm down before turning out the light – such as a cup of herbal tea and read 10 pages OF A COMEDIC BOOK. Nothing serious! Best wishes & bright blessings.


    perhaps your misunderstanding your “gift” sometimes its easier to believe they have no meaning or make no sense but no reality is easy, perhaps your premonitions are given to you as a warning to what CAN happen, giving you time to change the ultimate outcome. if the world is predicted to have some big bad end and people prepare for it then they really arent doing anything to prevent it by going into shelters and stocking up shelves, even by just standing around waiting for a premonition to happen is not doing anything to change the out come. i know its confusing but you should try to understand your premonitions and figure out what you can do or shouldnt do to change the outcome. for your son and mine i wouldnt give up.

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