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    Last year i just graduated from High School. A month after high school i attended a collage online. That was going good for me for a while,until i figured out that the career i was in wasnt the career that i wanted to go after,i was interested in a different career. So for a while i was trying to get finanical help,the school recieved it but they said that i needed to do more information on their school website. After a while trying to figure out what i needed to do,the school says that i need to make a payment arrangement with them. Recently i have been trying to find a job,i have put in alots of applications and still havent heard anything even though i call them back and check up on the applications. So i dont know what to do iam trying but the dept keeps adding up. i dont know how i can feel stress free with out getting myself down about the problem. So is there any advice on what i should do.



    Go to the school’s financial aid office. They should have counselors there. They’re there to help you in times of need. They are there for YOU. If you’re having trouble with something, never let it get you down. Do something about it. Talk to someone at the school. And if your debt seems too high at the moment, ask advice on whether or not you should take some time off for work (once you find a job). Also, familiarize yourself with loan types and their repayment plans. Good luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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