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    Everything I eat or drink including water blows up my stomach. WHY. Drs. Don’t know. I just recently did a metabolic detox. Did not work. Can’t seem to lose those last 10 to 15 lbs. Trying Gluten free now. My stomach still blows up. Any advice?



    What exactly do you mean when you say your stomach “blows up”?



    By “blows up” do you mean you become noticably bloated, or do you mean you become flatulent? Please add some detail, such as the specific symptoms and the foods you generally eat. 



    Ok, Any kind of food makes me look pregnant. Fish with sweet potatoes, makes my stomach bigger. Veggies, salad lettuce cukes tomatoes. Chicked soup,  any kind of meat. Example this morning I ate Quinoa flakes with water and almond milk mixed in it. Big stomach is there. Now I’ll have a protein meal replacement drink for lunch and it will get bigger. Dinner it will get even bigger. Staying away from gluten isn’t doing the job.????????? I’m more bloated than i am gassy. ok talk soon.




    My 2 cents:

    Try using a food journal. Write down everything you eat for 2 weeks. Note what you have eaten when the bloating is especially bad. Note when you eat, and how long you take to finish your meal. We often misjudge our actual food intake, and a food journal keeps us honest.

    Take more time between meals, atleast 3-4 hours.

    Eat only until you are satisfied. This concept of satisfaction could also be described as eating to 80% of fullness, or eating only until you are no longer hungry.

    Take probiotics.You can get them at a health food store. Make sure they are refrigerated.

    Try eating a strict whole food diet for a couple weeks and see if there is any improvement. This means absolutely no dairy, no pasta, no bread or other processed foods. It’s only two weeks…you can do it.

    Relax and enjoy every bite of food. Note the subtleties of flavor, and your pleasure during the meal. Your state of mind when you eat matters almost as much as what you eat. 

    Good Luck!



    Try having only soup for dinner. Avoid dairy products and bread, pastries, cakes, that kind of thing.

    Drinking fruit and vegs juices help a lot!!



    Check with a doctor for food allergies.  Limit carbonated drinks, alcohol, onion, pepper, any gaseous vegetable or fruit.  Also, eliminate anything with flour or sugar, dairy also.  It sounds like you are reacting to something you eat or drink.



    There is so much great advice here.  I started to have the same bloating issues after delivering my third child.  I only recently started feeling better.  What worked for me was eating 6 small meals a day, a meal every 2-3 hours.  With each meal I had a protein, a carb, and a fruit or vegetable.  My plate would be 20% carbs, 30% protein, and 50% fruits and veggies.  I would eat my slow digesting carbs, such as oats, whole grains, sweet potatoes, during the first half of the day when I was most active and relied on veggies like asparagus and broccoli in the evening for carbs.  I know that sounds like a ton of food but it doesn’t always have to be a dinner plate full of food.  Try using small saucers.  Eating like this helped to rev up my metabolism and I ended up losing the belly, feeling better, and dropping the extra baby weight.  Also try eating foods as close to their natural state as possible.  Sometimes it’s not the food but how we cook them and what we add to them that causes issues.


    I also had issues with drinking enough water.  If you are eating more often, you are more likely to drink more.  Once I started drinking more fluid throughout the day, I started noticing a huge improvement in my digestive system and just felt better in general. 


    Another thing I discovered was a supplement called ZMA (zinc magneseum aspartate).  A lot of people use it to help build muscle when weight training.  When I started working out I would take two every night before bed.  The magnesium in the supplement helped my muscles move things along and I was finally regular for the first time since I had given birth to my third baby girl.  It also helps you fall asleep.  Something I needed help with as being sleep deprived can cause your tummy to act wonky.




    This happens to me a lot, but then again I eat really quickly and I eat A LOT of fruit. I’ve heard that eating slower helps. If that’s not your problem, I’ve also heard taking chromium supplements help, because there’s this thing called “melon belly” where you get really bloated after eating (it might be specific to only fruit, however this might solve your problem). Also it could be your vitamin intake in general. I won’t take credit for it, because I know I’m not the first to say it, but having a food journal would definitely benefit you, even if you don’t solve your bloating issues, it will definitely help you loose weight. I hope that helps! Good luck! 



    You should go see your doctor you might have a digestive issue . My stomach does the same thing every time I eat or drink . You’re system is probably really backed up and when you eat the food or drink has nowhere to go and makes you fill up and look pregnant . Try using miralax and taking probiotics it will help



    Why don’t you work out and strengthen up those abs?



    I also Get bloated from different foods. I have tried different things, but I think it is just how my body works rather than what I eat. Cutting foods from my diet has not helped, but adding more healthy fats every day and drinking a glass of kiefer with some mixed seeds (flax, sesamy and pumpkin) twice a day has helped me a lot. Hope You can find some relief. 



    I have this problem too, I’m going to start a food journal and do a clean diet for 2 weeks so that I can pinpoint what it is. 🙂

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