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Can i use Dove bar soap for sensitive skin on my face?

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by kalimera

almost 2 years ago

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I have sensitive skin and want to know it will be okay for my face ,will clog my pores? Alot of people swear by it for their sensitive skin.AND THANKS
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    kalimera replied almost 2 years ago:


    No one here to answer!

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    editorCourtney replied over 1 year ago:

    It's probably fine, but it might be too drying. Our dermatology advisor Amy Wechsler, M.D. has REALLY sensitive skin and she told me once that her favorite is the Purpose bar, not the liquid. She thinks the bar works better than the liquid version. I hope that helps!

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    Naina27 replied over 1 year ago:

    I found the dove bar to work alright on my sensitive skin.  I personally like Dove's nutrium body wash with those exfoliating beads.  Really makes my skin feel softer and smoother.  but for your face, i would go with purpose too.  ive been using it for years and its not over drying

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    Donna11 replied over 1 year ago:

    OR try Cetaphil Cleansing Bar for sensitive skin.

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    Donna Belle replied over 1 year ago:

    I tried using Dove on my face before but I think Dove isn't for my face. But if your skin is sensitive, I would recommend Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. It worked for me..plus, I can use it even without water (the liquid one).Smile

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    Prettypaws62 replied over 1 year ago:

    I do and I also use the Jergens bar.

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    smithjons replied over 1 year ago:

    If your skin is sensitive i recommend you cetaphil cleanser. It is great for sensitive skin.

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    jodig replied over 1 year ago:

    I have used dove soap on my face my entire life (I'm 50).  In fact, my dermotologist recommends Dove soap, or Cetaphil Cleanser.  I prefer Dove because I think it cleans my skin better than the Cetaphil.  I moisturize immediately after washing my face with Cetaphil Cream at night and Neutragena SPF 15 day cream in the morning.  I get compliments on my skin all the time.  Hope this helps!

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    ModeratorB2121 replied over 1 year ago:


    Dove has maintained quite the reputation for being 'easy on the skin' and leaving it soft and protected 'as a baby's bottom'...Personally, I love Dove. It is definitely easy on my skin. However, there is never a 'one size fits all' in relation to cosmetics, shampoos, make-up, prescription drugs etc.,

    That said, if you have never tried it..I would suggest testing it on the inner part of your arm or leg to be certain  that also it is gentle and hypoallergenic, it is suitable for your skin. At the same time, please keep in mind the skin on your face is a bit different.

    I would also recommend (and I have super-super sensitive skin) the following...Again, should you decide to try any of these products, sometimes you can get samples as opposed to purchasing an entire bottle or jar..and testing on areas of your body first before applying to your face directly(this is actually a good 'rule of thumb' I find). Especially, when you are dealing with sensitivity issues. So here goes:

    You could go direct to your pantry/refrigerator and whip up some  honey and lemon (remember lemons are acidic and they tend to burn..so you can defintely pass on the lemon)...with dried oatmeal mask. Apply this to your face and leave on 5-10 mins. Then rinse. This will clear and clean your ores as well and also great for acne if this is an issue as well. The honey is an amazing moisturizer.

    Cetaphil is a great brand..because it is made for sensitive skin, it feels as if it is not as 'cleansing' as it will not be super foamy or sudsy..However it does the trick I think and it is only


    Now..I am just including this product  because it really delivers. It is definitely not as affordable as many other great affordable products like Cetaphil.  However  I have used the Pevonia Botanica RS line of skin care products, esp. the Sensitive Skin Cleanser  as my skin is super sensitive, and I find it to be extremely kind, gentle and mild on my skin.

    You can purchase direct from the company and I got mine  from Amazon. It  works great for sensitive skin.  Like I said, it is a bit pricey, when compared to others, but worth it...It is for $26 and it is 200 mls..(not that bad at all) . You only  need a small amount,  so this should  last you for a while, and I believe in investing in your skin.  Good Luck, and please post and let us know how you are doing ok? Take care!




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    jeminicayazzie replied 3 months ago:
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    retavong replied about 1 month ago:
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    teamcupcake replied about 1 month ago:
    I too have sensitive skin. I use Dove sensitive skin unscented beauty bar almost daily! Another great option is l'oreal go 360 clean deep facial cleanser for sensitive skin. Both keep my face breakout free.
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