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Evening Primrose Oil or Primrose Oil ?

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almost 3 years ago

Hello everyone I posted this question many times in Dr.Oz sites. I got no reply. My question is Evening Primrose Oil the same as Primrose Oil ? I heard doctor Oz talked about Primrose Oil but I couldn't find Primrose Oil. I only see "Evening Primrose Oil" So are they the same ? Evening Primrose Oil = Primrose Oil ? Thank you very much
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  • User_8
    almost 3 years ago
    Yep, they're the same thing. You want to look for Evening Primrose Oil. Hope that helps!
  • Avatar
    almost 3 years ago
    Oh my god finally there is someone answered my question. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for this answer. I had been waiting for so long. I already brought the Evening Primrose oil and take them every day. Merry Christmas
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