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How does smiling work for you?

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by Art Markman

almost 3 years ago

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Smiling can actually make you happier. (My column post The Power of Smiles explains how: http://www.youbeauty.com/mind/columns/a-beautiful-mind/the-power-of-smiles.) Do you smile a lot—how do you think it affects you?
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  • User_4022
    BellaLaGoosie replied almost 3 years ago:
    A really uplifting column post, Art - thanks for that! All my life I withheld my smile because I've got a slight overbite and crooked lower teeth. I'm almost 60 and have no desire to wear braces at this point in life; I've got my share of medical problems which take precedence over that. But for some odd reason, I find myself smiling, laughing, and relaxing more as I age, and I'm grateful for that! It seems to make me a lot more approachable, and I enter into conversations so much more easily than when I looked so serious in my youth. These days, I find so much more humor in life than I once did, and so what if I've got a crooked, less-than-perfect smile? I haul it off to the dentist every six months and whiten it, and as a result, I'm a little less self-conscious. Love your question :)
  • Art
    Art Markman, Ph.D. Psychology Advisor replied almost 3 years ago:
    Thanks Bella! I think that's absolutely spot-on. When you relax and smile, the whole world looks a lot better! And you do too.
  • User_4022
    BellaLaGoosie replied almost 3 years ago:
    Art, it works every time :) s a smile for you!
  • User_6057
    BeatriceA replied almost 3 years ago:
    It is the attitude behind the smile that makes you happier, not the smile itself, IMO.
  • Art
    Art Markman, Ph.D. Psychology Advisor replied almost 3 years ago:
    But it also turns out that the smile can affect the attitude...
  • Avatar
    essenceofme replied almost 3 years ago:
    I am often told by other that i have a beautiful smile. It is something that I took for granted for a long time until a girlfriend of mine told me that my smile was my gift to others. So. I really started to pay attention to how we as human beings superficially interact with one another. So, I began to purposely make a mindful effort to have eye contact and smile at people when I engaged in conversation with them. Boy was my girlfriend right, people lighten up, brighten up, and relax. Smiling is a powerful gift that I've learned to share with others and I LOVE doing it. It just feels good making someone else feel good with something so simple as a smile. So, smiles everyone!!!!!
  • Profile_b192
    kaitlin07 replied over 2 years ago:
    I smile when I want. It's nice I guess.
  • User_37157
    Karlyn D replied over 2 years ago:
    Smiling - One of my beauty tips! I tell my readers " Smile at a stranger". Smiling enhances your features and also helps you to think nicer thoughts. It helps brighten someone's day, whcih makes us feel great as well:)
  • Picture?type=large
    amh1949 replied over 2 years ago:
    It used to be that when I smiled, my eyes sparkled (so many people have told me). With various problems (both physical--husband and financial), it is hard to smile. I make an effort, though. When I do smile, the various problems I have seem to. for a while, go on the "back burner". I think that when you smile, people are more apt to want to talk to you. You feel good about yourself.
  • Avatar
    Coffeechick replied over 2 years ago:
    I love to smile but I feel sometimes when I smile at others, it's a turn off because of my overbite and crooked teeth. I wish I could afford an orthodontist because I'm so self conscious about my smile. It also doesn't help that I was teased in my younger years. It hurt especailly when it came from older people I've never met who teased me because of how I was made...
  • 1o4wmczsiaaac-ife2ln8cg==.large
    piper6543 replied about 2 years ago:
    I always like to *smile at strangers. And I would say that 99% of them *smile back . Sometimes just the expression of (surprise) comes across their face. Sometimes you can tell they don't want to smile, because of a variety of reasons. Or perhaps their thinking - do I know you? All I really know is it sure does make me smile on the inside & out...
  • User_118692
    Nightlylioness replied about 2 years ago:
    I enjoy smiling when I can, and I've been known to laugh & smile a lot so I'm good with that. I think it makes me feel able to do things and be optimistic. My friends make me smile and when I'm around them I have a better times, smiles just make things lighter for me and problems go away. Fake smiles don't work that well though.actually fake smiles bring me down because it's not genuine for me.
  • Avatar
    alawrence37 replied 7 months ago:
    Ever since I got braces as a young girl, I've been happy to smile all the time. I used to be a little self-conscious about my teeth, like most people with crooked teeth are, but now I smile every chance I get! A friend of mine is an orthodontist in Darien IL (http://www.willowbrookorthodontics.com) and even he agrees most people aren't happy with their smiles until after braces. It's a good thing for him, though, or he'd be out of business!
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