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How to get rid of existing stretch marks?

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about 3 years ago

I had a baby, about a two years ago now, and i still have some terrible stretch marks on my stomach and breasts. I'm in good physical health;I'm 5'3'' and weighed only 100 lbs at the time, therefore my stretch marks are very deep and wide. They've lost their color, but I can't seem to make the texture of my skin smoother or tighter. I've tried everything from vitamin E and D oil, Bio- Oil, lotions infused with coco butter, vitamin E and D, and caffine, Strivectin, body washes, etc. Nothing works... I've looked into some lazer treatments and other medical procedures, Im beginning to give up hope and consider going under the knife but I don't want to go too extreme. Does anyone have some good advice or experiences to share?
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    almost 3 years ago
    I've had two children..and I'm about the same size as you--got 'em too. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any natural way to get rid of them, so own them! :-) You did an amazing thing bringing a life into the world. I once read a post saying, "Your body's not ruined. You're a damn tiger, who's earned her stripes." So true!
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    almost 3 years ago
    hi there! i noticed your post was a long time ago so im not sure if you are still looking back in checking these answers but just in case!..... i think i may have a solution for you. ive been doing this for about 3-4 weeks now and while my stretch marks are far from gone i have noticed a very nice improvement. and with time i believe they could disappear. but im not sure since im still in the process. so my secret is... unrefined 100% natural shea butter and Bio oil shea butter and bio oil. (i noticed that you said you used bio oil before, but in order for it to work you have to use BOTH shea butter AND bio oil together. ) and also exfoliation. so pretty much every morning and night i use the routine of showering, exfoliating the effected areas with ives skin exfoliation cream which i bought at walmart, then straight after i get out the shower i apply the shea butter then i apply the bio oil. i do this twice a day every day and it works wonderfully. if you have any questions about it feel free to ask me on here or you can search the method up on youtube because there are a few people who swear by the method as well. good luck :)
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    over 1 year ago
    Some stretch mark procedures are more time-consuming and costly and their impact and consequences you might not always have bargained on, budgeted for or counted among possibilities or risks. Find out more about how to erase your stretch marks naturally here -- eraseyourstretchmarks[dot]com --
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