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Oily Skin

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by andy75

over 2 years ago

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I have VERY oily skin. i will was my face and 10 min. later it is oily, i have used the blotting paper's. is there anything else i can do to minimize the oil?
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    editorAngelica replied over 2 years ago:
    Have you seen our article on treating oily skin? Check it out if you haven't already! http://www.youbeauty.com/skin/oily-skin-decoded
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    violetlane replied over 2 years ago:
    As simple as it sounds, drinking more water can really help! Another good tip is to use toner. Witch hazel toner works, as well as anything containing salycilic acid.
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    CdeJesus90 replied over 2 years ago:
    I have really oily skin I use dial soap on a wash cloth and my skin feels so much better... exfoliate with dial soap and a wash cloth you should feel better :)
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    Merebear replied over 2 years ago:
    Don't use too many products. The less you do to your skin, the better. Producing oil is the skin's way of trying to protect itself, so if you strip it with harsh products, it will over react to try to rebalance itself. I also have this problem, and I find that avoiding dairy and drinking water with lemon helps. Also, use a light moisturizer for oily skin.
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    Bettina1984 replied over 2 years ago:
    You don't need to avoid dairy entirely. But you DO need to limit how much saturated fat you consume daily. That is the #1 culprit of having too much oil on your skin. If you use a moisturizer on your skin you have a possibility of making it worse, or stay the same. If you ever want to keep your skin from being too oily, eat/drink things that either have very low saturated fat, no saturated fat, or consume a smaller amount of whatever it is that has a lot of saturated fat. Especially if you don't live an active lifestyle. If you really want to use something to help tone your skin, just use hydrogen peroxide. It will help your oily skin, AND help your skin for future break outs. Good luck! I hope that the year 2012 will be a good year for you.
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    girlygirl57 replied over 2 years ago:
    I use mattifying makeup, lotion, and face wash. This might sound weird to put on your face but i also use phillips milk of magnesia and put a few drops on my face before i put makeup on and it works so well!! I don't know why this product works so well for this use, but it has worked wonders!
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    fromfornia replied over 1 year ago:

    Why don't you use topical prescription medication?

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    sweensiebeansie replied over 1 year ago:

    When my skin was going through a weird phase, I started washing my face with oatmeal. Just take a fistful of plain oatmeal, put your fist under the faucet to moisten the oatmeal and then continued to wash my face with it as I would with any other soap. The oatmeal will naturally and gently exfoliate your slin, and also absorb excess oils. After about a week of doing this night and day, my skin looked brighter, I stopped breaking out, and I had an over all glow! Also, be sure to follow up with moisturizer, it helps to keep the balance of your skin! Try to avoid using washclothes on your face, they tend to be rough and can damage the sensitve skin.

    I hope this helps :)

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