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Skin whitening

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almost 3 years ago

I have this uneven tone on my skin, what is the most effective and safe way to whiten my skin?
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  • User_8
    almost 3 years ago
    Uneven skin tone is typically a sign of melasma, a common skin condition that's caused by sun exposure (and often exacerbated by pregnancy). You can try OTC products that say they contain "brightening" agents, or you can talk to a dermatologist about chemical peels or laser treatments, both of which can treat dark spots. To prevent the condition from worsening in the future, make sure you always leave the house wearing a sunblock that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide--even in the winter!
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    over 2 years ago
    Do you want to look like Michael Jackson, or what?
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    over 2 years ago
    omg, so do i some bits are light and some dark :/
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    over 2 years ago
    michael jackson didnt whiten his skin he had a skin condition
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    almost 2 years ago

    cocoa butter. . . .or something with  hydroquinone, although it hasnt been getting the best reviews. . .heard it can cause some health issues

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