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Soft and glowing skin

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poonam pali

almost 3 years ago

What are the Homemade or natural Remedies/Tips for Healthy soft skin
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  • User_16700
    almost 3 years ago
    Hi poonam pali, We have an article featuring quite a few proven DYI beauty recipes. (I love the pumpkin face mask!) Here's the link: http://www.youbeauty.com/skin/diy-beauty-recipes Come back and post with your favorites! Enjoy! Anne
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    almost 3 years ago
    Puremedy's line of skin care is homeopathic, and does make your skin soft and glowing. Helps build new tissue. Love the face cream for normal to dry skin! www.puremedy.com
  • User_359018
    almost 3 years ago

    A nice body scrub and moisturizer/oil will have your body feeling soft and smooth. The cost is very reasonable, you don't have to buy anything to expensive.

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    over 2 years ago

    I usually just exfoliate with sugar and that helps my skin to stay smooth and soft.  usually after i exfoliate i put my moisturizer and go to bed and i wake up with my skin looking really renewed.

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    about 2 years ago

    1. Cut a lemon into two and take one half of it

    2. Put 3-4 drops of honey into it

    3. Rub the lemon on your face

    4. Leave the lemon and honey mixture on your face for 5 minutes

    5. Rinse your face with cold water and look into the mirror to see the glow on your beautiful face.

    6. Additionally, doing it repeatedly will reduce the black spots and pimples on your face..

    Go to the below link...you will get awesome tips for your beauty and health...It is really amazing..


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