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Inverted Triangle

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by tbarnes2

over 2 years ago

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I'm a definite inverted triangle. It seems to me this is a very masculine/muscular shape. Are men even attracted to women with this shape? Broad shoulders and narrower hips? What are some tips I could use to dress more feminine other than the flared pants and deep v-neck tops?
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    editorNadia replied over 2 years ago:
    Inverted triangles can certainly look feminine! You want to avoid ruffles that add volume up top, but cowl necks and fabrics with gentle draping or fluttery sleeves will add femininity and flatter your shape. Full-length skirts and dresses are popular right now and your shape can pull those off well--especially if they have more fabric in the skirt than up top. And men are definitely attracted to this shape! Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Garner are both inverted triangles and I'd say turning a guy's head is pretty easy for both of them :-). Your profile pic is gorgeous--just embrace your shape and dress to show it off!
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    editorCourtney replied over 2 years ago:
    My sister is a classic inverted triangle and she's a model. She's a former gymnast with a broad back and broad shoulders. She avoids strapless dresses/tops, especially if it has a straight across neckline. She really likes v-necks.
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