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Office Snacks

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almost 4 years ago

My office has snacks out all the time and I always end up eating tons of them in the afternoon. I'm trying to be good about my diet, but I always end up eating them. Any advice?
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  • User_3
    almost 4 years ago
    Hi Mary Jo - Cute cat! My favorite office snack trick is to have a handful or nuts--walnuts or almonds--during afternoon snack time. They're packed with good for you nutrients and really fill you up. It's the protein, I think!
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    almost 4 years ago
    Nuts are definitely a great office snack. I'm also a fan of string cheese (just one!) or dried fruit.
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    almost 4 years ago
    I agree with curt7louisiana on the almonds. also microwave popcorn, cheese sticks, apples are some staples that I do frequently.
  • User_8
    almost 4 years ago
    Try putting the snacks farther away so that they're out of sight and you need to leave your chair to get them--out of sight, out of mind! Also, stock up on healthy snacks at your desk. I love watermelon, almonds and bananas. Plain yogurt sweetened with a bit of honey is great if you need a more substantial mid-afternoon snack too (you could even throw in a few walnuts to make it more filling).
  • User_2606
    almost 4 years ago
    Hummus is a great snack. You can eat it with a variety of vegetables or flavored crackers depending on your mood.
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    over 3 years ago
    Try and fill up on healthy foods, rather than eating the chocolate/crisps/cake/etc that is available. Personally I eat cherry tomatoes and dried fruit. But also don't completely deprive yourself of the treats, just have a small amount, as this may help you not to eat loads of the snacks! Good luck x
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    over 3 years ago
    you could count calories that way you know how the snacks are affecting you calorie intake.plus if you know that a snack is giving you extra calories you can adjust you workout or eating plans to how many calories you ate and burnt during the day.or you could pin a photo of the worlds heaviest man on you computer lol.just kidding.try to eat more whole grains because they keep you full longer and if you feel the need to snack bring something a little healthier that you know you'll like from home like fresh strawberries or a granola bar.:0)
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    Jenna Benna
    almost 3 years ago
    Try bringing your own healthy snack, and remind your self that you already have a snack if you find yourself reaching for those unhealthy office snacks.
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