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Big Thighs and calves;/

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by belautner

over 2 years ago

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I have quite big thighs and calves whenever i flex it or wear heels and was wondering what type of exercise could I do for making it slimmer. I was thinking of going jogging but won't it build more muscle? and make it bigger:/ ? Advice, anyone? Thanks
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    editorNadia replied over 2 years ago:
    Jogging is great for your heart but doesn't do much for muscle-building, so it shouldn't bulk up your legs. Ironically, if you want to slim your thighs, leg-strengthening exercises may help. Your quads are huge muscles, and muscles are the key to fat-burning. By strengthening large muscles like your quads, you'll actually see a slimming effect all over. You can also create balance by strengthening your upper body. Our body type exercises article has more helpful expert tips about which workouts will be best for you. Check out the mesomorph and endomorph sections for exercise tips: http://www.youbeauty.com/body-fitness/body-type-exercises
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    belautner replied over 2 years ago:
    Thank u ^-^
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    milah813 replied over 2 years ago:
    jogging will make it bigger but try to go to the gym 1 time a week for an hour maybe because a did it i had this same problem
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    KAE replied over 2 years ago:
    You can gain muscle mass in your thighs by following a rigorous resistance-training program using free weights. Lifting weights helps promote hypertrophy, or muscle growth, by introducing stress to targeted muscles during the resistance training. Use compound, heavy movements like squats and leg presses to recruit multiple muscle groups and increase muscle mass in your legs.
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    selene replied over 2 years ago:
    i also have that problem and beive it or not doig alot of cardio and bick riding can help hope it works out
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    fuzzycatnip replied about 2 years ago:
    I just want to let you know that I am in the same boat as you. My thighs are bigger and my calves are quite large and muscular. I hate to say it but, your calves will only get bigger with working out. Love your calves, bigger calves are a lot sexier, and guys love them!
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    nicole179 replied about 2 years ago:
    no it will not if a person has big calves it's the fat on them that make's it look bigger jogging will shed the fat so you will see them get more toned and in turn they will look better and you can not spot reduce sorry
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    Maddyrose replied about 2 years ago:
    your very lucky i have the skinnest calves but i love my thighs i wish i had bigger legs because guys do like them more. :(
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    ElissaFlint replied almost 2 years ago:

    I am getting ready to start Brazil Butt Lift! My thighs and calfs seem to be my problem area and I really want to tone them! 

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    Saratoga Beauty replied almost 2 years ago:

    I have challenges with building too much muscle in my thighs and calves.  After my second baby and 1 year off from focused exercise I changed how I exercise.  I found vigorous cardio with good form made a huge difference.  Insteead of getting worried about how much time, calories, etc. I focus on how I use my legs.  Instead of leaning forward (over an eliptical), I engage my core and stand straight up as well as pushing down from my glutes through my legs to my heels.  My legs feel much stronger than they used to and they are leaner without the bulk on my calves.

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    macha987 replied 6 months ago:
    Hey. A good way to slim up legs and make them toned but not bulky is Pilates or yoga. I'm young and I got benefits. Even If your'e not flexible, you can still do this to take away the bulk in your legs. I find it helpful in flexibility- trying to do the splits! Working on flexibility has slimming benefits as well- just keep trying! :)
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