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deep conditioning for damaged hair :(

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over 3 years ago

I am not sure what to buy the right product for the type of my hair except that I know it is badly damaged. The end hair is really split and not pretty. I am mostly wavy than straight. Before I became to be a mother, I was really straight, and I never had done my hair anything strong like perming it to be curly, or something like that. They happened to be wavy from time to time after being a mother once. Funny, I always wanted to have wavy hair while I was straight, and then I finally had them wavy and it was beautiful. But then I missed having straight hair, so I used the flat iron to straighten it and I didn't do it often. Let's say once or twice per month the most of the time. Sometimes every weekend depends on special plans. I dye my hair about 2-3 times a year. My hair were really thick, but then now it seems medium. Notice losing hair a lot everyday, and sometimes it just falls off on my arm while doing home chores. Sometimes, I feel tempted to dye it every 2 or 3 months because of grey hair popping up but not too many of them. I just brush my hair differently to avoid the vision of greys, so that buys me more time not to dye til much later. I decided to let my hair grow really long, and it is almost close to my butt, I plan to highlight and trim & make many layers on it before my birthday coming up in a few weeks because my boyfriend is taking me to cruise to Bahama for my birthday. I suddenly realize the look of my hair very unhealthy. I have done researched and the best advice was the deep conditioning and that they could do it at home which I never had done it myself in my entire life. (maybe that is why my hair is screaming for help) So, what is the suggestion? What is the best product that ever works for the damaged hair? Do I have to pick the right product that works for my hair because I am Hispanic? Or it works for all skins? Is it okay to brush a plastic bristle wet hair after shower? Is it also okay to tie them up in a ponytail while it's wet? I did that a lot, and maybe is it how it's damaged? And can you please give me by step by step instruction how to do the deep conditioning at home because I watched youtube, and they all did it differently. It confused me. Sorry too many questions! LOL, need to know ASAP and my hair is SO dying and embarrassing for me to leave them like that even for doing food shopping!! Thanks so much for your time and patience!!!
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  • User_2476
    over 3 years ago
    As someone who also has long hair down to her waist, I understand what you are going through. First things first: with very long hair, the golden rule is, do as little to it as possible. Treat your hair like a silk shirt - very delicately. Avoid heated tools like flat irons as much as possible, and when you do use them, don't hold them in one spot on your hair - keep them moving so you don't scorch the hair. Once you scorch your hair there is little you can do to reverse the damage. When you comb your hair after the shower, use a wide-tooth comb, either made of smooth plastic or smooth wood. Brushes can tear the hair. Comb your hair from the bottom up - in other words, work the tangles out at the ends first, and then work your way up to the crown of your hair. If your hair is wet, instead of a ponytail, try a braid, and never ever use rubber bands as hair ties. Use soft, wide elastics without any metal or rubbery pieces on them. Dying your gray hair every 2-3 months shouldn't damage your hair too much, so I wouldn't worry about that. But keep the dye on the roots only. No need to do your whole head every time. Highlights, however, can be damaging to the hair since they bleach out the color. If your hair is very, very damaged, I wouldn't recommend highlights. A darker, vibrant color will look amazing without damaging your hair. As for the thinning, it could be due to stress, hormonal changes, or a medical issue, so look at those areas of you life. Or, it could just be a sign of aging. Hair (usually) gets thinner as we age, although Hispanic women usually don't have that problem as much as other ethnicities. For that reason, I would see if you can check your stress, hormone and thyroid levels, all of which can cause hair to thin. Finally, my suggestion is to get a lot of the length cut off to get rid of your damaged ends. Then, you can grow it long again but use the tips from above to make sure the ends don't get as damaged. Deep conditioner in the shower can help. Deep conditioners are also sometimes called "hair masks." Use one every 3-4 washes in place of conditioner after you shampoo. Shampoo at the beginning of your shower and then put the deep conditioner in your hair. Leave it there while you do the rest of your shower, and then rinse it out at the very end. No need to spend a lot of money on them - Pantene makes good ones. Good luck and have fun on your cruise!
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    about 2 years ago

    1. Take a mixing bowl

    2. Add 2 tea spoon of Olive oil into it (Olive oil gives softness and shine to your hair)

    3. Add 2 tea spoon of Almond oil

    4. Add 2 tea spoon of Custard oil

    5. Heat the bowl for few seconds

    6. Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair..Massage your scalp.. (Do not apply it hot hot...! If it is hot just keep it while for sometime..let it gets warm..then apply)

    Next day morning half an hour before the hair wash, do the below steps:

    7. In a bowl mix 4 tea spoon of curd, 2 tea spoon of almond oil and 1 tea spoon of custard oil. Stir the mixture and then apply on your scalp..massage it and apply the remaining on your hair.

    After hair wash, touch your hair and you can feel the softness that you have never felt before... :) Njoy with your shiny hair.

    Go to the below link to find more useful tips on Beauty and Health:


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    about 1 month ago
    I personally love Pro Naturals!
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