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First time dying my hair; Skin sensitivity test??

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over 3 years ago

Since its still our summer holiday, i was planning to dye my hair(in our school, we're not allowed to have dyed hair). It's my first time so I've read the instructions carefully. It says that i have to do a skin sensitivity test first before dying my hair. I had to clean (with surgical spirit - but i don't have that, so i just cleaned with water) 1cmsquare behind my ear and apply a little colorant product contained in the tube with a cotton bud. Then i have to wait for 48 hours without washing it to see any itching or redness. I did this last night. But during this process, nothing happened. Do I still have to wait for the 2nd day? Or dye my hair now? And any more tips on dying hair? Like what do I do after dying my hair, do i blow dry it or let it dry by itself? BTW, i bought Garnier's New Nutrisse Cream, Nourishing Permanent Hair color - Medium Auburn brown :] Is it a good choice? Are the chemicals too strong??(This is enriched with fruit oils) And do u think its worth it to dye my hair for 2-3 weeks cause our school starts next month~
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