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frizzy hair

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over 2 years ago

Please tell me if anyone has found on e of those anti- freeze serium that actually work and do what it says it will do...I dread so much a humid or rainy day. My hair is so thick and sooo unruly I cant deal with it the frizz is un bearable
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  • User_2476
    over 2 years ago
    *sigh* It's the holy grail of beauty - an anti-frizz product that actually works. I was lamenting this same issue with our Cosmetic Chemistry Expert Ni'Kita Wilson just the other day, and I told her that no anti-frizz serum worked for me. She told me to focus on my conditioner instead. She told me to use a deep conditioning mask in the shower, and rinse it out with cool water instead of hot, which will keep the ingredients on my hair. If this plan works, I'll report back.
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    over 2 years ago
    try the suave proffesionals line
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    over 2 years ago

    I know this thread was from a while ago, but have you tried a co-wash method? Its washing your hair with conditioner only and ocassionally a sulfate free shampoo. I had suuuper frizzy/wavy hair and Ive been using this method for about 2 months now and it has completely changed my hair! Its amazing. If you would like to know more about it, you can google it or search on naturallycurly.com. There are a lot of forums about it. My favorite co-wash's include Vo5 conditioners, Suave conditioners, and treseme naturals. Basically, you wash your hair with a regualr shampoo first to cleanse it, then from then on you only wash your hair with conditioner (you have to reallllly scrub because the friction is what cleanses your hair) It is the same idea as the "Wen" products. Also, you must stay away from any products that contain silicones which are often found in serums. The silicones will build up in your hair and make it feel icky and dry.

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    about 2 years ago

    I have very bushy course hair. There are 2 new products out there now that I love. Once is Clean and Clear...I use the moisturing one since my hair is dry. You use both the shampoo and the conditioner. It works starting with the scalp and has vitamins in it. The other one is from L'Oreal and is called a conditioning cleanser (similar to the Wen product but not the price). It is 3/4 conditioner and 1/4 shampoo (I think that is correct). They both work great in my hair. In the past, anything I used would weigh it down and it would look like it needed to be washed. These do not. I trade off on them so that I don't get a build-up and it has been working great. It would not hurt to try them and see how they work.

  • User_401931
    about 2 years ago

    my hair gets all frizzy when i finish taking a shower, but recently it hasnt been frizzy ever since i started using suave professionals almond and shee butter conditioner and i always rinse it out with cold water now. I dont know if itll work for you but so far it has been working for me and nothing ever works for me haha :) oh and i wash my hair with just head and shoulders two in one.

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    about 2 years ago

    Try Ojon you can get at QVC or the ojon website.

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    about 2 years ago

    I am orginally from the North...I now live in the South and all hell broke loose with my hair. Its been trial and error however I finally have it down. I wash/condition my hair with Purology Hydrate or Nano. After that I apply ICON India Healing spray...then whatever styling product I have...I let it sit and par dry before I style. After styling I apply Bed Head After Party and if its really humid out I spray on Straight Sexy Hair Smooth&Seal...aka crack in a can for hair. Its the combo that works for me with this non stop humidity. Good luck!!

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