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Hair Thinning and lose

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New York Diva

over 3 years ago

This questions is directed to Dr. Oz: Dr. Oz, I just want to make sure that Black Currant Oil is recommended for the slowing down of hair loss and thinning if there is no history of this in your family. Does this supplement actually contribute to the hormones that are needed for the hair growth process; as there are three stages. I'm also taking 5000mcg of Biotin. For some reaon my hairline is starting to become chapped, red, and irritated. I've been having problems with my hair for the last four years. I've just relocated to Pittsburgh, PA and I don't know if it's the new environment is affecting my hair, or my hair period. I truly need help I'm 40 something years of age. I would have never imagined hair thinning at this age....I'm so used to having a head full of hair so I know that there is something internally going on these doctors to me just don't care anymore, they just want to collect a paycheck while people continue to be ill and some even die. I saw the commerical about the free clinic that you participated in and it is unbelievable , but so true. I had some pre-op labs done and a result struck me funny what is RWD or RDW? because mines was high. Please help me before my hairline be in the middle of my head red, chaf, and bald..! Thanking you in Advance Dr. Oz, New York Diva P.S. Please tell Dr. Roizen, thanks for the welcoming.
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