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How do I keep my hair looking clean all day?

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Megan V

about 3 years ago

It seems like no matter what I do my hair always look oily and i don't know why. I curently use head and sholders because of my bad dandruff so it also has to take care of that. What do I do?
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    about 3 years ago
    I'd recommend a new brand plus 4 other tips you should try. First of all Head and Shoulders seems to only and specifically work for dandruff. If you've got a lot of dandruff then that's perfect. I've tried it but I don't like it. I also have long brunette hair so it's prone to get oily. I switched to Pantene Pro-V 'Smooth' for shampooing & 'Nourished' for conditioning. I like it & love the way the fruity smell lingers on for so long. However I found a new favourite and now use Dove Go Fresh Shampoo & conditioner - energizer with grapefruit & lemon-grass & absolutely fell in love with the way it smells, and the way it makes my hair feel. Besides changing the shampoo you normally use try these 4 tips Tip 1. Baby Powder - place some on your scalp and hair line then use your finger tips to spread it out until it becomes transparent, you don't want it to be seen. It makes your hair feel and look less oily. When you notice your hair getting oily then apply powder. It's just like make-up when it gets oily we add a powder/bronzer Tip 2. Use a Hair Spray - preferably one that doesn't have an intoxicating smell. I use Garnier Fructis Style - Elastic Power Fix. If you want hair to appear less oiler I’d hairspray your hair 1-2hr before going to bed and the next morning it should appear wavy and dry, not oily usually you don't need to do this after you have done it once. do it a day after you have showered. Straitening your hair also causes your hair to be oilier since your hands are constantly touching it. So hair spray it. Just don't overdo it. Tip 3. If you want a chemical free idea then leave your hair up in a bun more then you leave it down. do this for days on end (e.g. 5days a wk). When your hair is up it stays cleaner for more days and you won't be tempted to run your hands through your hair. Do this for a few months your hair will feel strengthened and healthier. Tip 4. If you brush your hair, then stop! People who have oily hair don’t need to as we have natural oils that condition it and stop it from being tangled. I never brush my hair. and it works for me. hope this helps :)
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    about 3 years ago
    Why don't you try wearing a hat or something?
  • User_241208
    about 3 years ago
    Maybe you should try to use Head and Shoulders one day and then another brand the next day and then go back to head and shoulders. I actually do this and seems to work for me. Not that my hair get oily But I have seen using the same shampoo over and over dont work as well as it does when I switch back and fourth . Hope that might help you.
  • User_16700
    about 3 years ago
    Hi Megan, I suffered with the same problem, and while the dandruff was a separate issue, I found that using a dry shampoo was a life saver! I prefer the powder to the spray. I sprinkle it in my dry hair, make sure it's rubbed in well, and can now go days without washing (when I was once oily at then end of the day). Good luck! Anne
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    about 3 years ago
    I have super oily hair too, it is oily even before the day is over, and I shower everyday. I use baby powder as a dry shampoo, works great! I also use mousse and root lifter after a shower, since the hair is lifted at the roots, less oil is getting on the hair itself. Both the baby powder/dry shampoo and mousse/root lifter combo works amazing together. The baby powder/dry shampoo works better than the root lifter. Also since the baby powder absorbs oil, put it in your hair before it begins to get oil; not right after a shower or anything, but when hair has been dry for a few hours, put it in. Don't sprinkle the baby powder directly to your hair, put some in the palm of your hands, rub hands together a bit, then use your hands to work it into the roots; you can even flip your head over and apply it like that. This adds lots of volume, just don't forget, a little goes a long way, and brush hair right after you apply the baby powder. Hope I helped! :]
  • User_772361
    almost 2 years ago

    You should probably change your shampoo! If you're worried about dandruff, try using Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy - Complete Care range. I find it to be the best formula for itchy scalp + oily hair. You might also want to limit your shampoo days to about 3 days per week. 

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